I See You

sampI See You

now that I see you

you are not all that attractive

not that well hung

yet there’s something about you

that I can’t resist

you aren’t that funny


or even show any generosity of spirit

it must be that air

of toxic masculinity

that draws me

like so many people

I find that your machismo

can’t be denied

can’t be contained or controlled

your willingness to go balls to the wall

fuck everyone’s opinions or feelings

has a persuasive quality

I wish the placating

‘you can’t be like that’

sayers possessed

they lack the sex appeal

of your full steam ahead

make no apologies

for anything

if your dick isn’t perfect

you fuck away without regard

because you know that’s

all anyone really wants

they long for the powerful thrust

of that toxic masculinity

they are eager to die for your attention

they may be critical

but you know

that secretly in the depth of their hearts

they with they had the magnetism

that drives the black bile of your sperm



This is another take on Law 8 – a variation on the first take only one in which actually contact has been made. I had some political figure in mind – not naming names as I do believe in the shunning. Who they are isn’t important anyway, it’s the energy they represent.

16-gar02In fact there have been many popular figures whose popularity I didn’t get. In this piece the ‘dick’ is symbol for the image they present to the public. One that keeps drawing attention to itself & builds on that attention to justify it’s judgemental, repressive actions.

I have met some men like this – their self-confidence, to me, had nothing to back it up expect bravura. They dropped their pants without questioning their appeal. The notion that they lacked appeal was beyond them. Their performance was usually not up to their confidence. But they were so indifferent to anything other getting off that didn’t matter.16-gar03

I’ve never told a guy that he was bad in bed, but have declined second encounters by saying things like ‘there was no chemistry’ between us – a fact that would surprise them because they were sure their trusting manhood was the be all & end all.



Just like some political figures – to disagree with them is to be a hater who isn’t smart enough to see things their way.





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