GrowOp #NaNoWriMo 16.07


This is from November 4 – I wanted to bring more humour into things. It came to me that this American ex-pat might be up to more than building a pyramid house. I enjoyed his character and wanted to make more use of him.

As with all the samples names are missing, some of the dialogue is a note for what I want to develop in rewrite.19-glass2

“I just remembered something.” David Morrison joined them. “Follow me.” They walked over to one of the domes. “When the RCMP decided to follow up on our fears, they found her bicycle at her cousins. That’s when they concluded she had run away with them.”

He opened the door into the dome.

It was stacked with plastic storage boxes, chairs, sofas, a covered rack of clothing, gardening equipment. He stepped aside to let camera man into the dome to take a shot of the interior.

“It’s back here. Give him a hand with that tarp.” With Jen’s help the camera guy slid the covered rack away from the wall.

Dan coughed with the dust and left the dome when the dust got into his eyes.

“It’s been decades since I moved anything around this far back in here.” David said.

Dan’s eyes began to water as he sneezed repeatedly.

“You alright.” asst asked him.

For a moment he couldn’t see anything. “I’ll be okay.” He blinked his eyes but they didn’t clear up. “I think I better wash my eyes out. That dust has done a number on them.”

She lead him to the remote truck. “I’ll see if they have any water. Will water do?”

“Bottled.” Dan said, “Don’t want to risk the well water.”

She handed him a bottle. He poured some onto a handkerchief and dabbed at his eyes. That didn’t help. It moved the dust motes that where trapped by his eye lids.

“I need to lie somewhere. Or take a shower.”

“You have any sort of drops in your bag?”

“Nope. There are benches along the porch.” He didn’t want to be helped but asst stayed by his side and tried to help him stretch out. “Look I can lie down without help.” He felt to make sure there was nothing for him to hit his head on. Once he felt secure on the bench he opened another bottle of water and poured it liberally over his eyes, forcing them to stay open while he did so. He kept hem closed loosely for the second washing.

“How does that feel?” asst asked.

“Better. The stinging is gone.” He blinked tentatively. Things were clearer. He sat up on the bench. One of the crew handed him a towel. He carefully dried his face and around his eyes.

He could hear coughing and hacking as the others exited the dome.

“Sounds like I’m not the only one.” he said.

“No.” asst said. “We all got out of there thanks to that dust or whatever it is.”

“I hope it isn’t toxic.” He opened his eyes more fully. He took a deep breath. His heart was no longer racing.

“Fuck!” David sat on the bench beside him.

Other asst was placing a wet cloth over Jen’s eyes. “Sorry about that.” David headed back into his house. “I guess there had been some pesticide stored in there. We can get the bike another day.”

“We’ll need to know more about that dust before I’ll handle it.” Jen said. “Plus it’s going to take some professional waste control to clear that dome out.”

“I’m calling it a day.” asst prod said. “This isn’t the way to make up for the time we lost due to the storm. I’ll check with Morrison to see if he’s willing to see us again.” she went into the house.

“”How are you feeling.” Jen asked.

“A bit woozy. Like I’ve had a couple of beers.”

“Same here.”

“My eyes seem fine but …” he stood up slowly. “There that’s better.” He flexed his arms, did a couple of knee bends. “I had to get the blood flowing.” The flower box on the porch rail caught his eye. “Wow! I’ve never noticed that red before. It’s so intense.” He reached out to touch it. “My hands!” he opened and closed his fingers. “Motherfucker.”


“We’re stoned! I bet he has grow op around here. Old hippies are all d.i.y.”

Jen began to laugh. “Stop!” she gasped. “It’s hurting my ribs.”

Dan could hear camera guy laughing below them. asst prod came out of the house. “What’s so funny?”

“Ask the old hippie, you know the ones that never die …”

“Unless it’s to tie dye.” Jen wiped tears from her eyes.

“Stop!” Dan gestured to her. “That’s too cruel but it’s true.”

“Ask what?”

“Ask him if he has a grow up.”

“You want to score some weed now?” asst prod said.

“No.” Dan took a deep breath and braced himself against the porch railing. “Give me a second.”

“You haven’t had a first.” The Jen said sending them both off into more uncontrolled laughter.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into you guys. Camera is howling at something down there too.”

“That’s makes sense. We were the ones who went to check out the bike.” Dan took another deep breath and then a swig of water from the bottle on the bench. “I suspect … there was once a grow up … in that storage shed. Not the actual grow but it was used as a drying spot. The dome is placed where it gets the most sun. Dust and pollen collected and when we moved that stuff it was disturbed.”

“Not as disturbed as you were when you thought you were going blind.” Jen laughed.

“Grow op?” asst said.

“You trying to figure out how to fit that into the case?” Dan asked.

“No! I just don’t like wasting time we really don’t have. Do you think he has anything new to offer the investigation?”

“I think I want a snack.” Dan said.

“Does Domino’s deliver out here?” camera called up. “40 hours or it’s free.”

“I get it! I get it!” asst walked down to the remote truck. “You guys are too stoned to work. Can any of you drive?”


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