Chopin Saved My Life

21-round01There’s a documentary Chopin Saved My Life. Find it. Watch it. It shows up on TVO regularly. I’ve seen it twice. Amazing. At one time I had the nearly complete Chopin on Lp purchased through MHS – nearly, as I didn’t have the volume devoted to his songs – that I bought when I found it after moving to Toronto. It was some 20 lps.

21-round02I love Chopin. Although I liked him years before I could pronounce him 🙂 Some names are typical & I initially called him Chop (as in chop sticks) in – until a friend corrected me. She knew from piano lessons. The other composer’s whose name I guessed wrong at until corrected (also by a music student) was Liszt: who know the z was silent!

The MHS set surprised me with the range of his compositions. I knew he wrote amazing piano music – but he also wrote for cello, flute – not a lot mind you but. His concertos are stunning. Much like Shakespeare one isn’t aware of how much Chopin’s music informs our everyday listening.21-round03

Picking favourites isn’t easy. He is nearly always lushly romantic, sometimes over-the-top – the sonatas are astonishing. But the pieces I go back to most frequently are the Ballades and the Scherzi – the emotional force of these always carries me away. I can get so lost in them I lose track of time. 21-round04

Chopin is also exceptional writing music – the tempo is perfect for typing to keep up with the pianist. When I dream of piano, & I do dream of it, it is me playing Chopin or Liszt or Beethoven on a keyboard that is suspended in the air and my fingers fly along the keys like rippling larks (is that image melodramatic enough?) I can also say that Chopin saved my life.



Bres stepped into the classroom. The rows of vids altered with low benches for the students to sit. A couple of the vids flickered a pale green and one a harsh red. The remainder were blank dead screens devoid of any color at all.

He would take one of the blank vids, replace it with the one his master Ques had repaired. Soon all would be working again and then learning could continue.

Learning! What was there for them to learn. Who was there to teach to? He hunkered down on one of the benches. The screen came to life as he sat. A Br’thr appeared on it.

‘Good morn student Gr’ladd’

‘Sorry Most Honorable Sir but it is Bres.’

The image on the screen broke up and reformed.

‘Good morn student Bres.’

The image spoke in a broken, rapid stutter. Each word was unsure, slurred but Bres could understand it.

‘If you want the lesson for today please enter your ident.’


So much to learn. He got up. from the vid and sat in front of another.

‘Good morn student Bres.’

The same Br’thr staticed onto the screen. A little more yellow around the eyes this time but the voice was clearer.

Bres stood again and the screen faded to grey. He should ask Ques if it was worth their time and effort to repair all of these. There were no students to teach, no one had an ident that he knew of. Perhaps Ques had one  and he could start to learn.

He unplugged two of the vids and carried them down to his cart.

Where would Ques keep an ident? Could he get one at the Gate? Did he really need one?

He raced back up to the classroom and sat.

‘Good morn student Bres.’

‘Good morn Sir.’

‘If you want the lesson for today please enter your ident.’

Bres put his fingers on the keyboard and tapped in a random series. He didn’t know what the symbols represented but there was no harm in trying.

The screen closed and another face appeared.


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