The Illusion of Democracy


The Illusion of Democracy

*Law 9: Win Through Your Actions – Not Argument

a lot was said

enough to sway the people

get some of them out to the polls

of course

it will turn out

you were misunderstood

that what your promised

wasn’t exactly what you could do

that due to conditions

beyond your control

you were stuck with things as they are

not as you promised to change them

you weren’t lying

just to get elected

you were simply uninformed


that the obstacles to be overcome

couldn’t be overcome

with words

with language

with the slippery tongue of future

that you used to unlock the door of success

that you wish you could do

what you planned

really that’s right

you did mean to do it


it’s not your fault

you can’t move the mountains

you promised to move

we really didn’t expect you to fix

what was broken by others

you certainly didn’t break anything

it was so broken you got there

you had no choice

but to make the best of a bad situation

and if we don’t like

we better shut the fuck up

or you’ll silence us

the same way

others who have been elected

have silenced us

the voice you promised we’d have

isn’t relevant any more any way

now that you have the power invested in you

you’ll do what you think best

which will be better

than what you promised

we just have to give you a break

give you chance

and stop nagging you

with evidence of your lies,

we mean, of your promises

they are taken out of context anyway

so we better give you one more chance

to do what you promised

or it’ll be our fault

for lacking patience and foresight

and forgivness

why are we so bitter

so cruel

you meant well

and that’s enough

23-gar01What law 9 triggered was the notion what might win through actions as well as arguments. In Canada, when I wrote this, we’d been through a recent federal election. All those speeches made to get votes, promises of change, of action. Same speeches I’ve been hearing for years only the faces, & little else, has changed.23-gar02

It’s the illusion of democracy that we vote for because the power is always hidden – not that I think there’s some sort of Illuminati conspiracy. But governments end up serving those with power already, not the disenfranchised – the poor, the marginalized. In another piece I write about how when those marginalized get power their first act to marginalize those who once were in power. I’m a cynic.

New governments are judged harshly after being in office for a year. Already the Liberals are being castigated for not fulfilling certain election promises. The excuses are the same as previous powers – the mess we had to clean up by the x party was so great; or there’s more to this than you know.23-gar03

Currently we’re in the midst of the backlash after the US election in which candidates are backtracking on their track records by saying things like “out of context” “you’re too easily offended” or even “I never said that” even when there is footage of them saying exactly that. No one no one wants to vote for the lesser of two evils. Its seems all politicians are hucksters but opting out of the system doesn’t spare one from living under it.23-gar04


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