Queer Without A Cause

25-white01I know so many activist that people often assume I’m an activist too. As I’ve admitted here at one time I don’t have political opinions – I have smart ass one liners. I avoid using trending political #’s because I don’t think they mean anything except someone is phishing for hits not for change.25-white02

There was a recent flurry about the safety pin – wearing one so lgtbq people in a threatening situation can count on you for support. Sounded good until someone pointed out anyone can wear a safety pin, even the people who are the treat. Plus someone was fast to market upscale pins – great. Who do I turn to for safety when someone is beating up to steal my diamond encrusted platinum pin.

25-white03The above is an example of my profound opinion on a sensitive political issue. I’m not trans, not disabled, not poc, not rich, not young – I’m not the target demographic for most causes. I’m articulate and don’t put up with BS though. I get testy with folk who use whatever cause as an excuse to stay stuck in anger and not in promoting change.25-white04

Recently some articulate, talented pro-androgyny poets got pissed at a lgbtq workshop because some of the queers spoke openly about sucking & fucking, pissed at the queer poets lack of sensitivity to their aesthetic – the androgynous didn’t feel safe. At first I saw their point then I felt I was being slut shamed for enjoying sex – that I was once again being told sex was a dirty secret, don’t use that language there are sensitives present.

The result is I’ll talk cock at queer spoken-word events – I suppose that’s a cause.


What Do I Want

what do I want

to be heard

to be popular

to be respected

to be legendary

or merely to get laid

not that these are impossible

or exclusive of each other


when I expect one has to lead to the other

nothing happens

that’s why I never trust

any man’s poem

about the magic of the goddess

about his belief in the rights

of a woman

I know he’s saying what it takes

to get laid

that ode to fidelity

has all the authenticity of greeting card


what do I want

to be free of agenda

a poem or a personal ad


what do I want

when politics takes over

the run-away train of thought

careens from compassion to passion

to anger about everything


when all those sitting ducks

get shot again and again and again

it might be time to stop shooting from the lip

to looking beyond the spew

to a solution

to anger management

as opposed to constant rattling

of the same cage of how the fuck

how much more do we have to take


what do I want

anger isn’t the key to open that cage

it’s the one lock us into it


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