Cheer Leaders for #NaNoWriMo 16.10

nano16picThis sample comes from November 6 and 7. Dan displays some of his photo analysis method so we learn more about it. He’s making discoveries about his family that are in fact seeds for his next adventure. In fact much of the family mystery will not be solved in Picture Perfect. In fact there are few major plot seeds for future ‘books’ in this series.26-lamp2

I did some instant research to confirm my memories of high-schools outside of Sydney. This bussing from small towns to bigger ones to a centralize school was common.

“We usually don’t light the upstairs unless someone wants to see it. We don’t get too many requests for the year books.”

“Motion sensors would do that job.”

“Money would do that job.” He strode to the end of the room and pulled open the curtains to let sunlight into the room. “To answer your other question – top but versatile for the right man. You?”

“Easy for the right man.”


“Let’s just say between engagements. Are you east coast guys usually this forward?”

“Not usually. I’ll back off if you aren’t interested.”

“How could tell I was gay?”

“When I saw the first article about Cold Canada coming to the east coast it was pretty simple to check out your background. It certainly isn’t a state secret is it?”

“I guess not.”

“You did do some ground breaking gay rights work when you were in the RCMP. It made me see that being queer didn’t mean being a queen at the same time. It made a big difference.”

“Thanks Stan. I guess I lack an awareness of that legal tangle as having any sort of emotional impact on anyone but myself. Now about those year books.”

“They are loosely organized in these cabinets according to location, school, year. What we really need is someone to catalogue them. I keep begging for someone out of library sciences to do an internship with us. Any place in particular?”

A shout from Jeannie came up the stairs. “Mrs. Chargill is here.”

“Board of Directors.” Stan said. “You’d think I was spending their money on myself. Let me know when you are done here.” He left Dan.

Dan opens the file cabinet that held the New Waterford years books. There were none of the years he was looking for. He wanted to see his sister’s entries and maybe see if either of the Kevin’s she was dating were class-mates.

He pulled up the two photos on his tablet. Undistinguished handsome boys. On the back wall were rows of framed photos of sports teams. Baseball, curling, basketball, soccer, even some of boxing clubs. The coast guard college rowing team. Some he recognized as probably his father’s work from the lighting and his farther’s method of not arraigning by height. He liked the random rather than the deliberate. It made his team pictures seem more relaxed.

In the back row of a Riverview basketball team  for 1985 he recognized one of the Kevin’s. He took a photo of it, isolated the face and compared it to the one’s he had. Yes it was pretty much a match. He went back to the filing cabinets and found the Riverview year book for that year and flipped through it.

There was his sister in one of the first page. The cheer leading squad leaping into the air with pompoms over their heads and skirts flaring to reveal a peek of panties. Under the photo it said – “Riverview students jump into a another year of championships and bright futures.” There were the names of the girls underneath.

Trust Linda to get front page. He flipped through the pages of graduate head shots. Kevin Epstein – “most likely to follow in his Dad’s shoes to become a dentist.”

Another head shot on the page caught his eye. ‘Bazyli Reyman” The face was very familiar. A younger version of someone he had met in the past month. “mostly likely to lead Canada to the World Cup.” He photographed it, sent the image to his tablet and fed it into the aging program. As the boy aged he became less familiar.

His cell phone beeped. It echoed in the room. The called was Baxter. (Go back & do away with the use of Cyr – too gimmicky for prolonged use. He encourages people to call him Baxter.)

“Where are you?” Baxter demanded. “No. Don’t answer that.”

Dan held his phone away from his ear and turned down the speaker volume.

“Location tells me you are In Sydney, Nova Scotia when you are supposed to be here in Toronto, Ontario. Here in the Quintex Productions board room number three for an important production meeting.”

“Production meeting? What happened to the hiatus?”

“That was from location shoot, only. We’ve held production meetings every Friday. No one said they were suspended.”

“I’ll heading back Monday.” Dan said.

“When we have important creative issues to discuss.”

“Such as?”

“The initial cut of the opening and closing credits for one thing. We have a very rough cut of the first episode as well.”


“You thought all I was doing was hanging around those motel rooms waiting them to blow up? I’ve been working with the editors from the very first week getting things into shape. We have to have something to show Quintex beside the raw interview footage.”

“Okay Okay I get that. I still won’t be back until Monday.”

“Flight number please?” Baxter said.

“Baxter I’m doing research here. I don’t have all right in front me.”

“I see. Asst prod is booking your flight as we speak. One moment, please …. Flight 519 leaving Sydney airport at 2 pm. Arrive Halifax at 3:05. Fight 998 departing Halifax at 4 pm. Arrive Toronto 6 pm. I’ll have someone meet you at the airport.”

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll have … Jeremy Moxham pick me up.”

“I’m sure you will. I hope your research has something to do with these cases. You are still on our payroll you know.”

“I’ve been looking into the Happy Hippo shows.”

He took a photo of a Happy Hippo poster that was on one of the walls and sent it Baxter.

“You know how kids love circuses. You never wanted to run away and join the circus?”

“I was more interested in selling Mary Kay. If I’m going to deal with clown make up it has to be more refined.”

“Good bye Baxter.”

He got up from the table, stretched his arms and neck. The window behind him overlook the back of the museum and some of the former steel plant grounds.

So his sister had gone to Riverview in Coxheath. Did she bus there? That was their first year in Toronto. As he remembered it he and his Dad were in Toronto for a few months before his mother arrived. She and his sister had stayed to close up the house. Mother joined them by Thanksgiving. Sister stayed to finish her last year of high-school. Did the family still own the house in New Waterford? He didn’t recall any mention of it being sold. It must have been because it wasn’t in the his father’s estate. Or did his mother own it?


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