Deaf School

28-round01Dipping into D’s: The Darkness: I have as stand-alone: Permission to Land – what a voice, that single was a smash & the Lp is solid, too bad they were a novelty flash in the pan. The same with Craig David: I have as stand-alones: Born To Do It, Signed Sealed Delivered. I first heard Fill Me In on a compilation & was eager for his first release but he failed to impress the US market. A nice dry voice & sweet soul stuff on the first peppered with rap. Signed Sealed is a set of covers that are good but not amazing.28-round02

Amazing is found on this MP3 collection of Deaf School – it includes: 2nd Honeymoon; Don’t Stop The World; English Boys/Working Girls. This is in the Roxy Music mold. Honeymoon is one of my all-time favorite Lps – every song is sensational, brilliantly written &  performed, arrangements astound, even the cover art is amazing. Each of the songs is a mini-movie. The other two releases I have are good but follow a more standard art rock route.

I paired them off with another British group: Renaissance – centred around the amazing voice of Annie Haslam, they were part of the progressive art rock movement. Strongly Celtic, mystic with deliberate classical overtones I couldn’t resist them. 28-round03On this cd I have  Prologue, Scheherazade, A Song For All Seasons. I’m most familiar with Scheherazade – dense, poetic & emotionally compelling. This prog rock that isn’t beating you over the head with organ, electric guitar or frantic piano. A clear precursor to Dead Can Dance e.m.o. All are fine listening.28-round04

To round this mp3 collection out is Alan Stivell’s Reflets – which fits well with Renaissance. Gallic/Celtic harp music with sea sounds, at times, in the mix. This is superb New Age music before New Age music was conceived & marketed as such.



‘It’s a child! What is a child doing here.’

‘Ask him.’

‘No, you ask him. It isn’t my job to question.’

‘It isn’t? Then whose?’

‘Perhaps he knows. Young sir?’

Slat kept his tight grip on the st’l he had wrestled from the casement. He didn’t want to reply lest it lead to further conversation. To talk to the fl’ka would lead him nowhere.

‘He is not speaking. Perhaps he cannot speak.’

‘Can you speak young sir?’

Slat swung to face them. The long shaft of the st’l whipped over their heads. They ducked.

‘I am busy. Leave me alone. This is the end of our conversation.’

He strode purposefully down the path.

‘My, my this is a strange sight.’

‘Should we follow him. He may be in need of some assistance.’

‘Did you see that big thing he attacked us with. What could it be?’

‘A most primitive weapon.’

‘Yes but powerful. It cut through the air with ease.’

‘Get a move on he’s almost out of sight.’

‘Yes, yes.’

‘We’ll keep a polite distance so perhaps he won’t spot us.’

‘You are the wise one.’

‘We are wise together. Apart we are nothing.’

‘Can you see him?’

‘Yes. he’s stopping at the white structure.’

‘He’d better not stop long. That ….’

Two thick Wire stepped from the building Slat had stopped at. He swung at them with his st’l but it was too long to wield effectively. He found himself in a tug of war with the Wire on one end of his st’l and himself at the other end.

‘Come we may be of use after all.’

‘Of use to whom.’

‘To the child of course. You know the value of a boy.’

Before they spread their wings Slat tumbled to his back still clutching his st’l. The Wire were no where to be seen.

‘Ooh! How did he do that?’

‘I don’t know. Wire and then no Wire.’

‘He must possess the trick.’

‘Can’t be. No child has the trick. He couldn’t. You did it. Didn’t you. Make the Wire disappear.’

‘If I could make the Wire disappear we would be out of danger now.’

‘Good point.’

Slat got up and dusted himself off.

‘He’s going! Quick we must follow.’

‘Yes we must follow.’

‘We must catch up. We have to make him aware.’



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