Two in a Room

02-blue01On a recent Disability After Dark Andrew Gurza and guest Chris Maxwell Rose of talk about, amongst other things, being present for each moment of sex. The kiss is a kiss not something you have to get out of the way to get to the bj. They talk about whole body sex not just hole in the body sex. I am more inclined to want more from a guy who is a good kisser and fun when we move past the kiss, than one who hates kissing but knows expertly how to get off.

02-blue02All too often it seems the speed of technique becomes the pleasure – getting their climax over as fast as possible so they can get on to something more important. Sex reduced a small concentration of nerve endings and the rest of the body is just getting in the way.

Chris shares frankly & emotionally about their diabetes that reduced sensitivity in various parts – needle pricks for testing that numb finger tips. How do you enjoy sex when ones major sensory input is no longer sensitive? Not everyone has a partner, as they do, to explore other ways of being erotic.02-blue03

I’ve known men & women who stopped trying to have kind of sex as a result of similar ‘disability’ – people shamed by the inability to perform as they once did but who show no willingness to explore other approaches. This is a cultural shame around sexuality. As Andrew frequently reminds us all too often the disabled are desexualized. Is this due to shame about sex by the nature of how we value the surface of people. Only pretty people deserve to have sex without shame.



When we reduce ourselves to those clusters of nerve endings do looks become unimportant? To be two in a room, naked, together – no technique can match that shiver of vulnerability & there’s no shame in that.


samplesMan In The Moon

he says

you’re so smooth


he runs his hands

along my stomach

I think

my belly isn’t flat enough


he says

your skin is so soft

so smooth

he is kissing me between his words

he turns me onto to my stomach

stroking my back

I can’t get over how smooth you are

how soft you are

he cups my ass cheeks

squeezes and parts them

I love your ass

firm and smooth


I’m not sure what to say

I don’t want to stop

the flow of his words

the flow of his hands

I have been touching him too

he isn’t as smooth as I am

each time I start to reply

he kisses me


let me enjoy you

he says

I can tell you are enjoying me

you like my touch


yes I say


I love your ass he says

smooth firm warm

ivory heated by afternoon sun

it is so white I bet it glows 

like the moon


it glows when you touch me

I say


he laughs a little

I like to be

the man in your moon


I can’t say

your skin is so black

it would feel weird

not that I am colour blind

but that isn’t what attracts me to him

it is his fascination for my skin

I never expected to be so fetishized

so sexualized

because of my skin colour

because of my smoothness

I don’t see a reason

to turn this into a discussion

about race


I like to fuck white ass

he says

as he lubes me


I know

I tell him

you’ve told me that before


he slowly enters me

you like my black cock

you like it in you


yes I answer

you have a wonderful cock

I don’t tell him

it would be a wonderful cock in any color

I don’t tell him

how little I usually like getting fucked

I let him

I invite him


because he tells me

you skin is so amazing

a miracle

I love your ass


while he’s fucking me

I choose to believe him


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2 thoughts on “Two in a Room

    1. this guy was a piece of work – a black man who was a racist about other black people – I said bye-bye happily when that became very apparent

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