Don’t Do Anything


Don’t Do Anything

Don’t do anything until I get there

until you hear from me

I can’t help you

if you don’t listen

if you had done what I said

thing should have worked out better

you know that don’t you

this should be enough

to hold you for now

it’s all you’ll need

there’ll be more when you need it

not when you want it

I’m the only one

you need to trust

you can always count on me

so don’t waste your time with anyone else

no I don’t mind

don’t expect more than I can spare

its better than nothing right

it’ll be adequate

you can count on my smile

on my listening

yrs you can rely on me

but only on me

refuse if I’m not enough

no one will satisfy you ever

don’t waste your time

my life is full enough

without you

but without me

you are nothing

so don’t take the risk

of find out otherwise


This has proved to be one of the most ‘liked’ of my Laws (Rule 11) pieces. It seems many identify with being the object of this type of ‘helpful’ attention. There is this romantic notion that one’s love & compassion are best expressed by the other’s obedience.


I’ve seen countless movies, heard of so many people stuck in relationships in which their every move is monitored by their partner – where were you? who did you talk to? Don’t wear those jeans. Do as I say because if you don’t its clear you don’t love me as much as I love you.

07-toy-03Women may be more prone to this but I’ve met men who can’t, won’t make a decision without running past their partners. In fact the people seem to have sought that sort of controlling alpha to hitch their star to. People’s sense of purpose is lost when that star moves on & leaves them benefit of direction.07-toy-04

Then there are those who ‘discover’ to their dismay that their partner is this type of obsessive controlling person. Early red flags weren’t recognized as such but as signs of genuine interest. If you don’t demonstrate either control or obedience some people will lose all interest you. Whew.


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