#Come, All Ye Old Faithfuls

09-blue01In one of the frankest Disability After Dark’s, Making This Cripple Come, Andrew Gurza clearly talks about what makes him come. He’s quick to point out that what works for him isn’t a template for other disabled folk. First on his list is the fact the crips (his preferred erotic play word) actually enjoy sex, that they are capable of fully engaging in it, if the partner is willing to step outside of the cultural box that the disabled are too preoccupied with their limits to enjoy anything more than you patting them on the head and talking baby talk to them.



Again one of the keys to crip coming is communication. The other is realizing that what gets one partner off may not get the other off. I’ve played with some guys who enjoy greater ‘roughness’ than I do yet they feel everyone has to like it as they do. I have no problem exerting the manual pressure, biting, spanking or whatever they need to get off but please don’t do that to me. The right bite gets some guys super hard, that same bite turns my cock into a turtle.

09-blue03Even some of the simple pleasures – i.e. ear blowing, nibbling – which make Andrew instantly hard – irritate me & turn me off. Some guys take it personally when I don’t want a full-Nelson take down on my testicles or an ear full of saliva. Like Andrew I do enjoy the weight of a man on me – that pinned to the bed feeling is sweet sweaty and gets me in the mood as much as kissing. 09-blue04

Unlike Andrew, though, I’m not going to give much more detail than this into my sex play preferences 🙂 Kissers who take their time are always welcome. Total bottoms who only want their asses worked over  move along. Same with total tops who don’t even want to make conversation. If your ass or cock is all you want to bring to the … uh … table then I’ m not that keen. If coming as fast as you can is the point then I’m probably not interested either.





this is how I started

a small fear filled child

moved across Canada

for a decade

a new home every year

each new home a new opportunity

but never enough time to develop

to make friends

finally settling

the only child

a small fear filled child

discovering things about himself

that weren’t what he observed

in other children

children with rough tumble values

gender roles unquestioned

reinforced by parental

scholastic approval

mine rarely reinforced

opting for invisibility

those moments when I was observed

winning an art prize

flunking miserably at math

art devalued

math venerated

the first invention

the arty poet uninterested in approval

bravado rather than conviction

the shield of music

flowed into the the drunk

the numbed to identity

the first man on man sex

wanting more

but with more to hide

inventing what we did drunk sex

so it doesn’t count

the writer published

the man escapes

with his life

not another new world

once again the new face in town

remade into the timid bar hopper

manic dancer

reinvented as the sober housemate

the lover for life

the return to the word

the uneducated director

set designer lighting sound tech

discarded to be replaced

by the novelist poet

spoken-word performer

spun into the out spoken queer

re-created once more

by cultural assumptions about age

not seeking to change from

hot dad to grandpa fetish

enjoying some of that

to bother with reinventing once again

go with the flow

get on with the show

and tell you

I’m still here

and not the queer

you want to invent me assoon02


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