Clapton, Twitch & If …

12-door01This a Britpop mp3 collection with two Lps by Dave Dee, Dozy, Mick & Twitch – If No One Sang, and Together. Along with some If and Eric Clapton. All of whom represent different aspects of Britpop. Other than Clapton they are also somewhat obscure – this is where my archivist leanings come into full play.

12-door02Dave Dee etc had a few ‘hits’ Zabadak, Xanadu, I had Lp If No One Sang that I replaced with MP3 & then Together (with dozens of bonus tracks). There are several of these Kinks-like psychedelic bands: Status Quo being another – arty, social commentary, vapidly romantic but with excellent engineering that produced endearing and engaging, if not memorable or commanding music in the 60’s.

If … on the other hand is a memorable but over-looked. Sort of a art-rock version of Blood, Sweat & tears they never hit a commercial stride in USA but did produce some excellent music. I love their first self-titled which I had as a cassette that I found at Radio Shack on the east coast. Brilliant horn work, superber guitar & songs I’ll always rememberer: Dockland so evocative. If 2 & Stockholm 1972 are also here. I have a stand alone of ‘hits’ What’s In The Box Jack, as well. Intelligent emotionally resonant music worth seeking out.12-door03

The Clapton is the self-named that include Slunky, as well as sections of Derek: Complete Studio sessions. To be honest I’m not a Clapton die-hard – so much of his work, to me, became middle-of-the-road. His guitar playing is superb & some consider him God but I’m not convinced. Good yes but emotionally he doesn’t move me.



The Slunky set is solid bluesy, r’n’b & I enjoy it a lot, the Derek selections are outtakes & alternate versions that I like as well but don’t find them compelling. Maybe its the great technique combined with a lack of energy that leaves me wanting more. His singing is fine, the engineering is superb. I suppose I’m revealing  how superficial I am 🙂

sampleThe Glass Bead Game

The vids offered many games.

To make a selection the user would open the file marked with the game icon. This icon would change from vid to vid, from user to user and so the discovery of the correct icon was the first game.

The icon would vary from something as innocuous as a round yellow dot with eyes and smile or as elaborate as a swaying field of falfa. The user would have only three guesses at this stage.

If he got it on his first guess the number of games he would then have an opportunity to experience would be very large. With the second guess that range of games would be more limited, the third even less.

If he did not guess on this third try only one game would be made available. This would be a random selection. This one game option was instituted to keep users from becoming so discouraged that they would give up.

Of course the range of game options for a correct icon on the first attempt was so great no user could play all the games anyway. Over time it was decided that certain games would only be available on that first tier, that these games would not show up in the random dispensation for those who never found the illusive icon.

Some games rarely got played as a result. When this was the case it would be those games that got relegated to the fourth tier. These games were difficult to win, difficult to follow and but the rewards for winning were exceptional.

The least popular game was ‘Glass Bead.’ Often those who were allotted it were the ones would who log off without even playing it.

In ‘Glass Bead’ the rules would scroll down one letter at a time. Few realized that play was to start then. If you read all the rules you would lose automatically but that was not mentioned till the last rule.

Many vids were damaged as a result of this till players learned to shut down when the ‘Glass Bead’ game started. One thing a few users did discover is that if they won the ‘Glass Bead’ game, all other games would be made available to them. The icon would remain the same for each vid access.


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