Davis Day Etting

19-door01Moving along the ‘d’ shelf I have this stand alone of Betty Davis: This Is It – a compilation from her lps. I also have in an MP3 collection self titled, Nasty Gal. Her look is space age vixen, her songs amazing raunchy blues and funky. I found an Lp on sale at Zeller’s in Sydney & was so happy with songs like He Was A Big Freak (I hit him with a turquoise chain). None of pals got her but I did – they preferred their funky to be tamer i.e. Aretha.



Near her on the shelf is Doris Day: a stand alone -Que Sera, Sera; & an MP3 collection of 100 Hits to which I added Ruth Etting – Doris played Ruth in a biopic. Hits was an iTunes bargain. Did someone say middle-of-the-road? Yes I have to agree but some of thse songs are classics she handles well: Secret Love, But Not For Me. Her voice, in small doses, is pure and clear as a bell.


19-door03Ruth Etting is the real deal – I have a set 10 cents A dance from 1926/30 – Body & Soul aches. Another collection Glad Rag Doll with more classics – too many to list. Sound quality is good, her singing is sweet with a touch of heart-ache. Very much worth seeking her out of you don’t have any already.



A little further on the shelf is a true stylist: Blossom Dearie. I have stand alone Jazz Master & tucked away in an MP3 collection A Summertime and Cafe Apres-Midi. Blossom is a cabaret singer who does things with show tunes that will astonish you. Her voice is light as air – Fiest owes her a debt of gratitude. She sings with energy, commitment & with a very applying sense of humour but never mocks her material. I love Blossom. Another one worth checking out.



The common feature found in these ruined cities is the total re-use of all available materials. Often though the inhabitants have no information as to what many of these objects once may have been. The use of vids has been more accidental that deliberate. Slow but sure the treasures of the past have been revived but many find them incomprehensible and useless.

The dedication of the remaining craftsmen to the repair and then the discover the purpose of these objects is inspiring. It is a testimony to the all enduring power of St V’ths that humans persist in pushing ahead even in the information darkness that surrounds them.

The tall towers that line the streets of the city outside Gate 67 have been carefully and gradually stripped of all contents. Glass has been removed, what still that can be reclaimed is taken though little use for it remains. Pl’tc is more sought after. So little of this poly-based substance remains. The process by which it was made has been undiscovered or if it is known no one has the capability of actually putting it to use.

We continue in the persistent and steady reclamation process. Minerals, substances and objects are being forged into purpose. We recognize that frequently this purpose may not have been what these objects were originally intended for.

With the Gl’nth Sect overseeing the the falfa we do have a steady and consistent source of sustenance. No other organism has been found the replicates itself as does the falfa. It is the only naturally growing organism on the planet.

Just as we have found purpose for the remnants of our past culture so have the Gl’nth Sect found and created uses for all facets of the falfa – from food, to fabric, to healing balms. We all must expresses our gratitude for this gift from V’ths.

It is believed that once the mystery of our history has been solved our race will once again forge ahead into the stars as did our ancestors.



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