Year End Review!

30-blue-01Is it time for an end-of-the-year wrap up? If you follow me here you’ll already know most of the highlights 🙂 A few things didn’t make it here though. I expanded my regular fwb network with some sweet sexy men. It’s not that I’m overly fussy but if there’s no emotional chemistry it won’t work regardless of technique of physicality.

30-blue-02Flipping though my calendar for 2016 I see things worth mentioning. Seeing Charlie Petch’s wonderful Mel Malarkey in April, getting down to DC for Capturing Fire, reading collections by some of amazing trans writers I’ve met in DC, seeing some great shows at Stratford, judging the dynamic Hot Damn! slams & meeting some excellent new writers. Fan Expo was good fun too.

I came to the end of the 48 Laws of Power & moved on to the 227 Rules for Monks. I finished the rough draft of my Nanowrimo novel Picture Perfect – I now have some 200,000 words to edit – joy.

30-blue-03My WordPress following has slowly, but surely, grown to 175; Tumblr 150; Twitter 190. 257 WordPress posts this year – my busiest year so far. Even a couple of two post days when I was in DC. Fun facts: I get more twitter likes & retweets for links to my WordPress posts that I get actually hits to my WordPress posts. How is that possible? No retweet has resulted in an increase in WP hits either. I get new followers at Tumblr every time I post a set of car pictures – imagine their surprise. Frequently new Tumblr followers are hetero porn spam which I block. I rarely follow back on Twitter – in particular if my new follower is an editor, or an agent specializing in increasing your online presence or an author with a new book coming out soon.

30-blue-04I have to thank Andrew Gurza‘s Disability After Dark for pushing me to look at issues about my own sexuality & sparking many of my blog posts about things easily overlooked. I also thank the trans & queer poets I’ve met & heard at Hot Damn! & Capturing Fire for making my word view even wider than it was before. I can’t match their anger but appreciate the power & need for it to be expressed.

What will 2017 bring? I’ll be blogging here on Tuesdays ‘Lazarus Kiss’ my first Nano novel. I’ve made my flight & hotel reservations for Capturing Fire in June. I also have my FanExpo tickets purchased. Plus a mess of new undies coming from Daily Jocks. So despite Tump – it’ll be a good year.


On Your Knees

it can’t be free

the more it costs

the more it’s worth

it will be within reach of all

through a window

nothing to hide

nothing to give away either

time is as good as money

spread the word

that’ll be enough

spread it far and wide

stand on street corners

yell in basements

cut through the illusion

of now here reality

it can be freeing

to cut yourself loose

of all that holds you

to your ideals

try ours instead

they are built on

ancient tried and proven realities

they wouldn’t last

if they weren’t better than

what you think you think

that’s why they aren’t free

they aren’t cheap

surrender give in give up

it is pointless to resist

this tide has been washing the world clean

before there even was a world

in your heart you know

this is the one true way

the ultimate loss of self

why waste time resisting

we’ll be coming for you

whether you like it or not

so pay up now

or regret it later

we can wait

as it is written

so it will be

admit it

you like

to be on your knees

say please

thank you




January 3 – launch of Lazarus Kiss – here14257567_1162384753819933_3271661288579707843_o
on going 🙂 when new podcast are posted:  Disability after Dark  iTunes


my first local feature in over a year: location date TBA

it came in

April season 3 FINALS – Friday April 15th Buddies in Bad Times – early show – 7pm startgames

June 9-10-11: attending: Capturing Fire 2017 –


check out these poets from  Capturing Fire 2015 & 2016

August 31-Sept.3


November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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