Reaping Victory

Reaping Victory

the crops were good

in the years after the war

the fields were rich

with the fallen

buried deep

very deep

that was the secret

to avoid pestilence


the fallen were buried deep

so deep

no one knows their names

no one remembers the war

or how many years it took

before the decay

enriched the soil

recreated the world we live in

the earth we walk on


they will be remembered and forgotten

at the same time

the way it should be

to all challengers of decency

they become our history


our world

is built on this dust

this decay

of what has fallen

crushed under the weight of time


by the piling up of more

by the importance of now

all those wasted products of the past

slowly dissolved

first to be discarded

then names to be erased

with so much recorded

there is no one with the time to recall

to read out those names

to dig for these bones

not while

so much more needs to be planted

needs to be grown

reinventing is easier

than resurrection

the enemy changes

but it is never us

we’re too busy burying

04-elecblack01Law 15: Crush Your Enemy Totally

When I wrote this I had recently seen a documentary about genocide in the middle east that happened pre-WW1. Some of it was ‘alleged’ – facts were produced and denied – the same old story of information being spun to suit each side. Much like what Trump is doing (did) about election results. What a sore winner he turned out to be. But I digress.

04-elec02With this documentary I became aware of how winners win not by subjectification of the other side but by obliterating it – cultural genocide – by removing all traces of the losing side. Destroying museums, churches, libraries. When Pol Pot invaded Cambodia  their targets for execution included the country’s pop stars.

Sad to say I cannot recall which middle east nation this particular genocide happened in even after watching the documentary. Success of sorts as they aren’t in my memory. I do know they were buried in vast fields that are now parklands. There is a memorial marker but the facts are still under contention.04-elecblack03


But this also about what we forget or what we are never told. How history gets re-written to reflect the current times & even locations. American history books that turn slave trade into ‘creating employment opportunities’ for Africans. In fact most written history comes across as a record of heterosexual white male entitlement. But that’s another blog post.04-elecblack04


All too often when the oppressed get the power they use it to oppress so there is no such thing as victory.



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