Change – In A Minute

06-redselfie01My big change to start the year is to get up a minute earlier every day. To help with that I changed the alarm tone on my cell phone. One minute! Big deal. One thing I know is that if I’m unwilling to make small changes big ones will be even more difficult. Years ago I had a writing friend who once resolved to get up twenty minutes earlier to have more writing time – after doing that a week they gave up it was just too much for them. I, on the other hand, opted that year to get up a minute earlier every six months & now, a few later, I’m getting up 20 minutes earlier & not minding it.

06-redpoppy02Not that I enjoy getting up in the dark – but now I have an actual sense of when rosy dawn creeps up on little cat paws 🙂 It’s demonstrated to me that I can do things when I’m persistent. Gradual increase is one of the keys, for me, to change. I upped my nano word output every year. If I had aimed for 75,000 the first year I would have given up but the 50,000 was doable – so each year I set my word count target higher & have surpassed it every year.

06-redselfie04I’ve done the same with my morning walks, gradually increasing it in distance & time. It’s now a minimum of 5 km a day in an hour. Usually slower in winter of course. Slower is a change because I once figured faster is better, maybe it does burn of more calories, but taking pics always slows me down. What I need are eyelash activated cameras. Blink, snap. The walk is mediation not a race.

06-redtee03A more psychological, or is sociological, change I made a year or so ago was to break the hand-holding habit. In particular at recovery meetings were things would end with everyone holding hands in a circle. Call me a grump, but, my sense of belonging never increased as a result of this circle – it was peer pressure, people pleasing, duty that I no longer felt the need of. So I stopped doing it often to the shock of some people. If I can say no to a drink without compunction, which I can, saying no to communal hand-holding was a change I was willing to make. Plus my colds have decreased drastically as a result.


Nothing To Win


what have I got to lose

this is opportunity

not solution

this is a move in a direction

right or wrong

doesn’t matter as much as

this is a move in a direction

I have more to lose

by remain still

by keeping safe

all I have is to lose


I say no when I mean no

I don’t explain


don’t condition it as a potential yes

I’ll repeat the no

but if it takes more than one repeat

to be heard

I say nothing

if you can’t respect my no

then my yes is meaningless to you

I say no

without anger

it’s not meant to punish

to teach anyone a lesson

it means exactly what it say


I don’t want what I don’t want

I don’t want that item on the menu

I don’t want to walk any further

I don’t want to talk about it

once I’ve said no

I’m not open to negotiation

any more than you are

in your eagerness for a yes

there are time when no is pointless

I can say no more shit

but it keeps coming

from people who don’t ask for permission

they take thing into their own hands

pick up the gun

don’t make excuses apologies

bold brash trigger pullers

teaching us the lesson

that tolerance isn’t acceptance

that the law

can’t legislate thoughts

there are no thought police

only pundits

to say how terrible it is

after the fact

after the fact

it’s too late to be bold

enough to say anything

even though before the fact

it was bold enough

to celebrate ourselves

our skins

our agency as humans

after the fact

it’s too late to say no

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