Deep Purple


Deep Purple morphed from prog rock to classical leanings to straight ahead heavy metal. I have stand alone’s: Shades of Deep Purple, 3, In Rock; The Book of Taliesyn is tucked into an mp3 collection with Iron Butterfly. Even their prog was more rock than anything else – thick organ, layered with guitar and harmonies. They remade songs like Hush, Help, Kentucky Woman – clearly influenced, or was it the other way around? by Vanilla Fudge – but less turgid than Fudge. Hints of Procol Harum abound on the first 3 lps as well but they lacked a lyricist like Gary Brooker.

They were never really all that experimental – in the way bands like 09-grid02Yes, or even the Nice, were. Some tracks are flooded with fun percussion – they attempted a rock concerto with orchestra that wasn’t much of a success. Pretentious? Who knows – they were given opportunities to do things & did them.





Book of Taliesyn, their 2nd, was reviled at the time – trying too hard etc. I had some of these on Lp at the time & replaced them with CDs & the memories are more important than the actual musicality of the band.



After their unsuccessful attempts at fusing rock with pretension they returned to heavy metal with In Rock – power driven guitar rock. I liked it then, still do. I did hear some of the Rainbow stuff but didn’t hold my interest. Enough was enough. 🙂



In the process of selecting a suitable apprentice from the many candidates that often seek such opportunities it is wise to remember the three A’s – appearance, availability and ability. To chose an applicant who doesn’t fulfill those three criteria limits chances of  success.

Appearance – this is someone with whom you will be expected to work at close quarters for several years. He should be someone who will fit in the habitation you have – someone whose personal habits, hygiene and health will not distract either of you from the tasks at hand. Choose someone whose appetites are within the limits of what you can provide – a hungry apprentice will not learn as easily as one who is well nourished.

Availability – be positive that you have the time and inclination to share your knowledge with someone. Make it clear to the applicant that he must have the time to learn. One master per apprentice is a good rule of thumb. It is possible for an apprentice to move on to a second or even third tradesman but for the teacher it is best to stick to apprentices who have no previous learning. The gift of knowledge you are about to impart must last a life time. If the applicant isn’t available to practice your skills for his life time it is pointless to impart anything to him.

Ability – if your trade calls for fine finger and hand work do not chose one whose hands are too large to handle the equipment. If your trade calls for strength and brawn do not chose one whose frame isn’t fully formed and muscular. If mental and verbal skills are needed do not chose the thick of thought or timorous of tongue.

If you follow these three A’s appearance, availability and ability you will be sure to have an apprentice or apprentices who will assist you in the development of your craft, who will carry on the sacred knowledge that has been bestowed upon you by the grace of St. V’ths. To vary from these simple and traditional suggestions could mean the loss of even more information.

We must preserve our past, we must find new men willing to learn and who may be able to delve even deeper into our past based on your present knowledge.

Select with care and with the Blessing of St. V’ths upon your choice.


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