Personal Appearances


Personal Appearances

it never feels right

to stay very long

sometimes the personal appearance

is enough

say hello to everyone

give a few choice words

then get out of there

that’s always been my policy

make the right impression

be noticed

then get out of there

before people get too bored

always be the one they want more of

not the one the’ve had enough of

so I never say much

just enough to show I’m aware

silence is the birth of wisdom

I can do that

give them something to talk about

when I’m not there

I like to get the ball rolling

then get out of the way

if things go well

I get the praise the respect

if they go wrong

no one hold me at fault

in fact

they apologize

for not fulfilling expectations

of themselves

not of me

I’m never there long enough

once I get the praise

I’m out of there

getting another ball rolling

somewhere else

11-elec04It’s not that I’m anti-social or that I have to be centre of attention either but Law 16 reminds me I’ve never been a fan of the ‘party.’ Socializing, networking, schmoozing, have never appealed that much to me. Hanging out with a bunch of people who are drinking, ducking out for smokes, ducking into the washroom for stimulants – has never been my thing. Even when I’m the one giving the party.

11-elec03At the Loyalist workshops there was always a gathering on the last night where our group and the painters would meet up at a local restaurant to share a meal & socialize. I hated it. Up to twenty people, half of whom didn’t know the other half, making small talk. Spare me. Four at a table dining out is more than enough for me. 20 is impossible.

11-elecred02When I do go to these social occasions I try to do what this piece says. Personal appearance. Arrive on time, shake a few hands, chit-chat, eat, then get out of there. Even when I went to readings regularly I found it awkward to make conversation with people who were looking over my shoulder for more important people to make conversation with.


The piece ends with a bit of fantasy, in that I doubt if I’m that crucial to an event that anyone even notices when I leave & I certainly don’t get many balls rolling – at least not in such a public setting 🙂

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