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16-grid01Before I get to John Coltrane I come this recent mp3 addition of work by his wife Alice Coltrane: Journey in Satchidanada; Transcendence; Radha-Krisna Nama Sankirtana. Perhaps the titles give away her spiritual direction 🙂 She is a harpist, pianist. She plays piano on later live Coltrane recordings. Coltrane used harp chart exercises as practice on his sax which developed his sheets of sound sound. That he married a harpist comes as no surprise.


Her work here is fluid, somewhat unstructured & for the most part, to me, easy to hear. I’m not sure if she would have had a career based on her talent alone though – I’m not a judge of jazz harp but the niche isn’t that large. I’m happy to have it & Journey is worth seeking out.

Also in this mp3 collection is Bernard Herrmann: Fantasy Film World – harp shows up in Journey to the Centre of the World in this superb set of suites of film music. I was so excited to find this 2nd hand at Cheapie’s & transferred it to cd & then replaced it with ‘fresh’ download version. The Ondes in Forbidden Planet lead me to Jolivet’s Concerto for Ondes Martenot backed by his Concerto for Harp.


You see how connections get made? Scifi music lead me to Kurt Stenzel’s music for Jodorowsky’s Dune: a film that never got made by Jodorowsky, one of the wildest directors. Geiger did design work but Jodorowsky was too crazy for the studios to work with. I looked for the soundtrack to Lynch’s Dune with no luck, but did find Graeme Revell’s Dune TV soundtrack. It is stirring bombast.


To round this collection out is Roque Banos’s chilling soundtrack for The Machinist. The movie is intense, creepy and the music matches the mood perfectly. The Ondes makes an appearance, here as well (or is that a whale?) An amazing film worth seeing, with a haunting soundtrack worth buying that doesn’t need the film to give you nightmares 🙂


“What did you notice?”

“The same things as you did, I guess.”

“No, I want you to tell me just what it is you noticed.”

“What everyone notices. Jezz! Why the third degree?”

“Tell me or … ”

“Or what?”

“Or nothing. What did you notice first.”

“His smile.”

“The smile? You noticed his smile first? You are lying aren’t you? Come on be honest this once.”

“You saying I’m not honest.”

“No. But you often tell me what you think you’d like people to think not what you really think.”

“That doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

“No more sense than saying it was the smile you noticed first.

“Well, it was. You saying it isn’t as nice smile?”

“I couldn’t say. I’ve never really noticed the smile. I guess I’m not a smile person.”

“I see. What kind of a person are you? An ear freak?”

“Ears! Who notices ears. Not even you could describe those ears to me, could you?”

“They were perfection like the smile. Those clear blue eyes.”

“Ah, so you did notice something.”

“The smile first. Always the smile first.”

“You are so full of bs. I saw your eyes go to where everyone’s eyes go to.”

“Except yours. No need to ask what you noticed first. I guess I’m flattered you only had eyes for me.”

“I do not.”

“You just said you watched where my eyes went. You can’t watch two people at the same time.”

“Now you are just avoiding my question.”

“I answered your question. His mouth, That smile. What else is there? You saying there another feature, another part or parts that deserve first attention?”

“You bet your libido I am.”

“So that’s what this is about. No. I did not notice anything other than his smile. Not as sparkling as your I might add.”

“You can’t wheedle out of this that easily.”

“Okay. Okay. It was those feet. His over developed butt, those surging strong pecs – is that what you are after? The well crammed and form hugging shorts that left little to the imagination, the delicate but unmistakable scent of oranges.”

“Whew. That’s much better.”

“And that smile. Without that smile I wouldn’t have looked at the rest.”

“Give me a break. A bod like that would be hard to overlook.”

“For some.”

“Right. I keep forgetting you are above that sort of thing.”

“While you’d like to be under it.  After all I managed to overlook … well, perhaps we’d better let it go at that.”

“No go on. You were going to make some personal crack about me, weren’t you? About my smile perhaps. You never liked my smile did you? Did you?”



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