At This Stage


At This Stage

I would never do that

trust me

that isn’t my style

I’m not ever going to try it

I know better

so should you

yes I’ve tried many things

will continue to do so

but that isn’t one of them

I know it wouldn’t suit me

not at my age

not at this stage of my life

it would be creative suicide


I’m not going to what I often do

that won’t change

I’m pushing my own boundaries

but never in that direction

it would look desperate

as if I wanted to seem hipper

than I am

or than I think I am


being hip

isn’t that important to me

I’d rather be myself

the self I am at the moment

not the one from last year

or even last week

I change often enough

without adding that

I’m not out to reinvent myself

but at the same time

I don’t want to be always presenting

the same identity

there’ll never be such a radical shift

I have several of them anyway

some are just more expected

than others

so expected

that even when I don’t deliver the usual

people remember it as being

more of the same

change isn’t enough

but somethings I won’t do

just for attention

that is one of them

does that surprise you?

you thought I’d be willing

to do anything

that I was a spot light whore

willing to do what it takes


I guess I’ve surprised you

once again


This is my first take on Law 17. There is no particular incident in my life that I’m referencing here. If anything I have been told, in a good way, that my writing subject can be unpredictable. I did three features in rather quick succession a few years ago. someone who saw all three, was amazed at how different each of them was. No repeated pieces & in fact totally different directions. Apparently no one expects me to be romantic.


But there are somethings that aren’t likely to happen even if it might be surprising & perhaps good for my writing reputation – i.e hard core hip-hop slamming – sure I can do it but at my age it would a novelty not a style. It has been suggested I tone down my apparel, which won’t happen. Too much style seems to reflect, to some, a lack of substance. Such is life.18-elec03

But I do push my own creative boundaries. Tackling the 48 Laws was one of the ways of doing that – seeing where these laws would take me creatively was good. I found myself lead to a more direct political stance. I resist ‘political’ because it often become diatribe, raw anger that shouts down its own message. I doubt if my ‘poetic’ reputation is based on my piece politics.



When I was hitting open stages most frequently I would pick differing pieces: one sweetly non-confrontational, the other sweetly queer & if time for a 3rd it would be directly sexual. The three faces of a poet. My rare features would move from one to the other with greater flow depending on the series. Erotica show would allow my opening sexed up pieces more opportunity. High-school’s wouldn’t get that in-your-pants stuff.


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