Derek and the Dominos


When this was released it was a monumental sensation – Eric Clapton amazed, delighted & inspired. The cover art was bizarre enough to stand out. The musicianship was superb. Layla was a monster hit with its length, piano work & sonic arc.

23.grid02The music, for the most part, is bluesy country as opposed to out & out rock. Listening to it today I get this sense of ‘big deal.’ It wasn’t adventurous, inventive merely solid – sort of a great bar blues band. The influence of Delaney & Bonnie are clear through out. As is the Allman Brothers – thanks to Duane Allman’s slide work. He & Eric produce some stunning moments playing together.


I certainly enjoyed it when it was first released but even then I never really ‘got’ it. Perhaps it was the boozy heterosexuality of it all that didn’t work its magic on me. Songs like ‘why does love have to be so sad’ sounded pathetic and not romantic.

23-grid03Listening to it today I have no nostalgic resonance – as I do with Cream, or say Paul Butterfield who was doing similar blues work, or even the Allman Brothers. If Eric Clapton wasn’t here in this band I doubt if it would have had the ‘impact’ that it did. Good time boozy jam band music about broken hearts has a place in my collection though 🙂



I also have the Derek outakes; as well as Eric, Live With Bonnie & Delaney; and the recent Me & Mr J/J sessions – his recordings of Robert Johnson. I find his playing always stellar & even sometimes emotionally compelling.



I’ve been reading these ancient manuscripts, novels or rather the seeds of something I wrote many years ago. How many? 30 I suspect, it’s a guess. I don’t remember exactly when though as I read them I remember the writing of them as a dream.

I should have dated them, I know, but at that time they didn’t feel like future artifacts to me. I hadn’t seen them for many years, not that there were lost, but they sat in a dark dusty (but not damp) box.

Carbons copies. I wonder what I did with the originals. Hope they aren’t going to surface someday when I want to rest on my laurels and someone will pull them up, shove them at me with a knowing smirk.

It can be so hard to get rid of all the past. The memories that lurk under the surface.

The pages of one were recycled from old inventory forms from the job I had at the time. I may have been clacking away at that office typewriter, using up their carbon, using up their scrap paper, squandering their time on my furtive journey into language.

The pages of the other are thankfully without such added resonance. Just the fuzzed carbon letters. I read through them amazed that I had the patience to type so much, page after page, crossing outs, missed letters. Corrections made in someone else’s hand – a hand I don’t recognize & a someone I don’t recall.

One held in elastic and scotch tape that I recall doing but don’t recall when. Another mix of memory and dream, of elastic that crumbles and tape that flakes away with a slight tug.

The pages get turned one by one, read and sighed over at points, flinched at at others. One goes into the recycle pile. Not a place to return to now even if I want too. I’ll enjoy it more recollected than re-read.

As I read through those relics I find that boy isn’t so far away at all. More of him lurks in me today that I realized. But I wonder if I really want to know that. I’d rather think that boy was lost, gone into some mist, grown into a much more sophisticated adult, a more assured individual.

Yet all the fears and hopes that I have now, I had then. Most of them are not as hidden today. The shame I felt has gone. Then I write about my sexuality in a furtive cloaked way today when I write about sex I lay the bare ass facts out without qualm.

I’m not sure if that is a good quality or not, should I have let go of that sweet shame at all. In the journey of experience I have lost it only to find the scent of it in these old pages.soon

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