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30-grid02The Dø is my step into the modern. A video was posted & then the music was found & downloaded. I have A Mouthful, Both Ways Opens Jaws. Slightly off-kilter harmonies, wry – sometimes funny sometimes emotionally fragile lyrics set to electronic folk music. Danceable & ideal for movie soundtrack moments where the writer is too lazy to convey emotions & lets the music do the work. Shoe-gazer sweet stuff.

30-grid03In this MP3 collection I’ve included: Wicked: Broadway cast – I’ve never seen the show but friends have – close enough for me 🙂 Indina Menzel is great. Her No Good Dead is powerful. The music holds up & doesn’t really need the show to make it appealing. I’ve seen No Good Deed used on SYTYCD a few times for dynamic dance routines.

30-grid04Another Tumblr find was Clan of Xymox – who could resist that name? Here is a Best of: more electronica but more rock than emo. Fun stuff. As is Gerard Way’s solo Hesitant Alien. He’s member of My Chemical Romance. The sound is similar to his group. For NaNoWriMo a few years ago one of my characters was a J Pop fan so I had to find some to make him seems authentic. I found Acid Black Cherry’s 2012 – multi-layered with aggressive guitar fun.

30-grid03Paramo: Defecto – someone posted a link to this Argentinian musician. It was hot – bearded Latino men giving each other sexy looks. Tres gay & very sweet. You can find him on soundcloud. Hozier is a deep voiced Irish singer with a compelling c&w, gospel pop sound. Romantic & a chart topper not too long ago.



It has become increasingly more difficult to get to the start of these rumours. I heard it from Chuck who said he heard it from his wife Janet. I spoke to her and she over heard it at the 7/11 and wasn’t sure who it was she’d heard it from then.

I marched over to the 7/11 with her. It took a little persuasion to  loosen the lips of the clerk but after a few bucks we did get him to let us look at the security camera footage of  Janet’s visit.

The cameras were of course useless. There were several people hovering at the edge, two of whom only browsed and didn’t purchase anything.

Janet was able to identify Trev, her next door neighbour-down-two’s eldest son. He was buying some trail bike magazine. It was by the magazines that Beth had heard the story.

We thanked the clerk and went to Trev’s place. He wasn’t in and his mother, Jill, wasn’t sure when he’d be back. But she had heard the rumour herself and guessed Trev must have heard her telling her mother-in-law all about it over the phone. Well who can resist such a thing, she explained.

But she didn’t know where she had first heard it. She had heard it several times over the past few days. Each time a little different but essentially the same story.

She couldn’t recall, for sure, where she had first heard it. She couldn’t even remember who she first told to it to herself. Not her mother-in-law but perhaps it was Betty the girl who baby sat for the Gales across the street. Yes she was sure that’s who she first told it to. Ran into her as she was unpacking groceries that other night.

Which brought it all back to her. She had heard it first from David Jackson outside the super market. He and his ‘friend’, you know what I mean, were just coming out and he couldn’t wait to tell her.

David Jackson! My my these things do start in the strangest of places. I went directly home and called Dave. He didn’t remember running into Jill or even telling her such a thing. In fact this was the first time he’d heard the rumour and was it true? Oh it couldn’t be true.

True, I said to him. Who knows what the truth is these days. I just wanted to find out where the ‘truth’ started. That’s all. Whether the story was true or not didn’t matter to me anymore, not that it did from the first, but I just had to know where it started. Where.soon02



Lazarus Kiss – the curse of good looks
on going 🙂 when new podcast are posted:  Disability after Dark  iTunes


March 4, Saturday, 8 pm: my first local feature in over two years: Glad Day Books

it came in

April season 3 FINALS – Friday April 15th Buddies in Bad Times – early show – 7pm startgames

June 9-10: attending: Capturing Fire 2017 – flight & hotel booked already


check out these poets from  Capturing Fire 2015 & 2016

August 31-Sept.3 – I have my ticket already


November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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