Hot Damn! Set Building

selfieb01It’s been a few years since I’ve done a full set at a poetry series in Toronto. Even then I’ve been one of three or our others, never as a sole feature. Not that I mind the competition but the theory of more poets the broader the audience appeal rarely works out – the audience pool is pretty small & fans of one are often fans of all.

hotdamn2I was aiming to be a Hot Damn! Slam out of town feature but that didn’t work out – timing etc. I’m doing the March show sort of by default. Not hitting open stages for some time means I have lots of ‘fresh’ material to choose from. The set I’ve put together is mainly pieces written as result of the 48 Laws of Power. I used each law as a prompt. These prompts often took my writing in fun, provocative directions.

Don’t worry I’m not going all 60+ pieces I wrote from these prompts. I picked a handful that either I have liked, or that other’s have responded to when I blogged them here. I’ll also include a couple of more recent pieces prompted by the 227 Rules of Monks. There be some political comment, some nostalgia, some sexy stuff & at least one surprise.

menoirPast sets I’ve tried to theme – east coast life, sexy stuff, in your pants stuff, political commentary – but this set will have no connecting thread other than the prompt sources. I will group things so there’ll be social, relationship, political, sexy pieces paired off. As usual I do start with the pieces that invite then become more ‘challenging’. There’ll be a fair bit of ironic humour  & perhaps out-right laughs. Many of the pieces have been already blogged but these versions have been edited more tightly.

jan0117meAs it stands now the set will be Dead Already*, Don’t Do Anything, Love Your Work, Give Generously, The Illusion of Democracy, Reaping Victory, Chalk It Up To Experience*, Faultless, Spoilers, After The Falling, Hard On, Man In The Moon, Breaking in Grief. The ‘*’ are from the 227 series of prompts.

After the Falling is the title of the chapbook I’m putting together for the show. I won’t be reading all the pieces in it. The ‘*’ poems won’t be in it either as I’m limiting the book to a selection the Laws of Power  pieces. Watch more about the chapbook in a later blog post. The chapbook will be $10.00. $9.00 if you have exact change 🙂


Give Generously

you can make a difference

in the lives of these children

dogs  endangered species  bees

ice shelf

you can make a difference

the overfishing of the sea

the destruction of the rain forest

the testing of make up on animals

only you can help

we know you want to

if only to stop

seeing these high definition

close ups of tears on cheeks

skin taut over fragile bones

acres of swamps

replaced with sugar cane fields

birds slicked with oil


look it’s babies

for fuck sake

innocent little kittens

going hungry

so skinny

even the human babies

starving won’t eat them


only you can help

these photographers need work

these administrators need

your funds to administrate

we don’t want you to rescue anyone

we have skilled professionals

who studied in universities

to learn how to teach these unfortunates

what they need to change

to become suitable candidates for rescue

that education doesn’t come for free

you won’t have to touch anything

other than the donation button

only you can help


only you


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