Buzzard Summer

13-fab02Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savanah Band starts of this mp3 collection of ‘eccentric’ alternative & dance music. Sour & Sweet is a classic album. With it’s mix of disco & big band it is amazing. Friends of mine at the time who hated pop, despised disco were blown away by this album. The follow up wasn’t as successful. I also included lead singer Cory Day’s solo: Cory & Me – not as big band but solid.

13-fab03On this disc is also Klaus Nomi’s Simple Man & his self titled lp. Here’s David Bowie’s inspiration with  two lps of wildly divergent material. Classical, dance, covers of golden oldies like You Don’t Own Me. His videos are astounding. Sadly killed too young by HIV.



It seemed natural to include Taco’s After Eight here: big band with a more direct disco beat. Taco has a big voice that handles things like Cheek to Cheek well. Here too is Disco Tex and his Sex-o-lets. Another ‘novelty’ with strong big band underpinnings mixed to sound like a live performance & great fun if disposable but better than one expects too.

13-fab01To round this out there’s Patrick Cowley’s Ultimate collection – 80’s electronica dance music. Then to ground it in the real deal is Donna Summer’s On The Radio: a hits collection – all edited & shortened from the dance floor versions. Of course her duet with Barbra Streisand has been remixed with Donna on top.



5 24’s of Indian Pale Ale check

3 24’s of dark pilsner check

3 24’s of plain beer check

a Texas micky of over-proof rum check

8 pints of old grandad check

2 26ers of Johnny Walker Red check

16 bags chips check

4 dozen foot long hot-dogs check

2 jars of mustard check

3 jars of relish check

2 extra large jars of pickled hot peppers check

2 heads of lettuce check

a dozen tomatoes check

a dozen hard boiled eggs check

six 10 ounce steaks check

a dozen Mountain Dew check

a dozen Doctor pepper check

‘Looks like we’re ready for the holiday.’ Jack checked off the last of his week-end inventory.

‘Aren’t you forgetting something?’  his wife couldn’t help but ask.

‘Such as?’

‘Isn’t there a guest list?’

‘Guest list?’

‘You aren’t going to tell me all this is for us.’

‘Us? No this is for my holiday. You’re a big girl now. You can look after yourself.’

‘Yeah, right, if I have time to while I’m looking after you.’

‘Honey you don’t have to look after me.’

‘You say that now but …’

‘No buts about it. Now you just scoot while I put this stuff away. Are there any …’

‘Stop right there. You’ll find that out yourself. You’re a big boy now. I’m out of here.’

‘Out of here?’

‘That’s right out of here.’

‘To your Mother’s?’


‘Your brother’s.’


‘You sister’s?’


‘Then where to?’

‘To some place you won’t be able to find me.’

‘Oh the Dixie Motel.’

‘Not on your life. I’ll be so far away from here you) won’t have anyone to help you.’

‘I told you I don’t need anybody’s help.’

‘Then I expect all the empties to be ready to recycle?’

‘You got it.’

‘No dirty dishes.’


‘No pools of vomit clogging the bathtub, sink, kitchen sink, the gold fish pond?’

‘You certainly know how to suck the joy out of a holiday.’

‘It isn’t Nation Vomit day.’

‘Since when. I thought that’s what every holiday was.’

‘I know what you think and I’m telling you again that holidays aren’t excuses for binges.’

‘You’re right there. Since when does anyone need an excuse for a good solid binge.’

‘I’ll give you call later in the week. When you’ve cleaned up everything. I won’t step a foot back in this house till it has been cleaned up.


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