The Night Tripper

20-fab01Dr. John’s Gris Gris is one of my favourite lps. I remember first hearing it & being fully pulled into the night tripper eeriness of the call and response echoes on the opening tack. Everything about it worked. The album made a big splash when it was released then he sort of lost footing, in the eyes of the critics anyway. I wish I still has my lps version but the stand alone cd is easier to replay – running just over 33 minutes it way too short & needs to be played two times in a row to appreciate it (much like Coltrane’s A Love Supreme).

20-fab02On an mp3 collection I have Babylon; Remedies – his next two lps that I didn’t heard until quite recently. The swamp cajun feel is there but not as strong as that that first lp. I enjoy then immensely. I threw in a couple of Youngbloods lps into this collection: Earth Music; Elephant Mountain – California music of the same time era – they play a mix of jug-band, blues, pop & even some rather jazzy stuff that is worth tracking down.

20-fab03Tucked away on two other mp3 collections are Dr. John’s Gumbo – his retro rock roots work; & In The Right Place: his ‘commercial’ break through that had sweet radio friendly & less eerie material.

20-fab04The other stand alone is his more recent Tribal – which I think won a grammy for roots music a few years ago. I bought it to hear what he was doing – much like recent work by Jackson Browne – I wanted to reconnect with what my past was doing now. Tribal is solid easy listening adult rock. Pleasant & reassuring – but not exploratory, unlike recent work by Leonard Cohen or Neil Young. Dr John was one of those guys who started out sort of counter-culture as the Night Tripper & quickly became adult middle-of-the-road. But it’s a nice road.



‘How will you know that till you step foot in it.’

‘Jack don’t pull that poor little old me crap. Now don’t forget to pick up the kids after school. You can drop them off at my Mother’s if you think they’ll get in the way of things.’

‘Nah they’ll be fine right here. Jack Jr enjoys a little drink. He’s near old enough now.’

‘Well they are your kids. No use fighting you on that. You do what you want with them.’

‘You bet your life I will.’

‘Don’t forget the Clarke’s across the street have a restraining order against you.’

‘How can I forget. The sign is still on the front lawn. The nerve of them assholes. The gun went of by accident. You believe me don’t you?’

‘The fact that you could hold a gun is a miracle.’

‘Damn rights.’

‘Don’t forget to walk the dog, clean out the kitty litter box, there’s a load of laundry to be hung and if you can find the time, you throw in the colored stuff. There’s no room in the fridge for food so I hope your hot dogs will find it cool enough in the basement.’

‘Of course they will. Now are you coming or going, staying or getting out of my sight.’

‘I’m getting out of your sight as fast as I can.’

‘Good good. I wish you’d stay but …’

‘Let’s not go over that again. I’m out of here as soon as I can get out of here. Have you seen my keys?’

‘Are they under the box of hot-dog buns?’

They lifted the box together.


‘’Maybe I put the cases of lager on top of them. No, on second though, I might have left them by the wine cellar. I wish you would give me my own key to that.’

‘Yeah in a million years. When I give you key to the gun safe.’


‘That’s right I changed the lock on the gun safe yesterday. Not taking any chances.’

‘Your sister’s forgiven me.’

‘Perhaps, but I haven’t. If you’d shot one of our kids you can bet your hide would hung out to dry.’ A smile broke across her face. ‘Now that would be a holiday worth hanging around for.’

‘You don’t mean that do you huggy momma?’

‘Of course not boozy poppa. You know I love you and your  useless hide.’

‘Could you leave pizza money?’

‘Sorry. You are on your own.’

‘What time am I supposed to pick up the kids?’

‘After school.’

‘And what time is that?’

‘Cripes do I have to write everything down for you. Here.’ She pulled a roll of paper out her purse. ‘Here is the full list. Times places phone numbers.’

‘You do think of everything. Now, if I have to get a hold of you?’

‘You’ll just have to suffer. You have three hours before you pick up the kids. While your at it, you could drop Gran off at the Home for the week-end. She needs to get out of the attic sometime.’

‘That is your decision I might remind you.’

‘Whatever.’ She grabbed her overnight bag and headed out to the car, Jack on her heels.

‘Is there anything else you’d like to tell me before you go huggy mama.’

‘Nothing that you don’t already know boozy poppa.’

‘You sure.’ he put his arms around her.

‘More than sure.’ she pushed him away. ‘You know I love you best when you aren’t in front me. Enjoy the holiday.’



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