Second Offence

samp 48

Second Offence  (Law 19 take 2

that you offended me is enough

to ask why

shows how little respect you have

for me

or for anyone else for that matter

no one owes you an explanation


that I am offended

is sufficient for you to be humbled

for you to face the consequences

your lack of awareness of your actions

will be corrected

until they are you will be treated

with distrust

dismay distaste

those with this lack of

sensitivity to the needs of others

don’t merit anything more

I can’t be bothered beyond this point


in fact you will never know

things have changed between us

I’ll become less communicative

saying nothing’s the only hint I’ll drop

there’ll be no response

to any inquiry

no returned texts

emails will go directly to trash



I will be closed to you

unfollowed but not unfriended

that takes too much action

there will be no final goodbye

no explanation

because I don’t even want to hear

your apology

your rationalization

I’ll sleep well

22-texture01Another take on Law 19. Not fully successful, it’s more like notes for a piece. It springs from taking offence at someone who, say, mocks a disabled person and feels fully privileged to do so & being belligerent when confronted. If they feel that privileged they don’t deserve an explanation or further attention either.

22-texture02I’ve stopped following, listening to etc some people because of their political, religious or philosophical stance. The fact someone’s homophobic rants aren’t something I care to listen to doesn’t make me intolerant, does it? They can express their view but I don’t have to listen to it or want to hear what they say about anything else for that matter.

I no longer even feel the need to correct them, can’t be bothered pointing out our difference of opinions. I can stop listening without telling them I’m not listening. I see this on line – someone getting pissed at another person & posting something like: “you are an asshole & I’m blocking everything you post for now on.” As if that makes any difference to the person blocked. I merely stop following – I have more important things to do that try to teach someone a lesson. Attention seeking whores don’t keep my attention.

22-texture03I was seeing a black man from Nigeria who was sweet & fun; as we became more comfortable with each other, his opinions of other immigrants became increasing more negative & bigoted. He found most North American blacks to be trash. He found my p.o.v too naive & my politic too soft. He was so convinced & invested in his opinions that I finally concluded that as much as he was great in bed his politic wasn’t worth listening to & I stopped spending time with him. I became closed to him without explaining.

22-texture04On line I’ve opted to unfriend, unfollow even when I agree with someone – their investment in promoting their views became too busy, too frequent & wasn’t telling me anything new. They were putting too much energy into selling me something I’d already bought. Telling them enough is enough, as I did a few times, was equal to disagreeing with them. Whatever. I’m not losing any sleep over them.

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