Hot Damn! Sneak Peak


As I posted in Hot Damn! Set Building I’ll be doing something different with 03-redtuba01this feature – rather than themed pieces I’ll be doing a variety of things – sort of a sampler pack that should help keep me from being classified as a specific genre writer. Queer is enough of a label (or is that liability) for me.

I go through stages of getting a set ready, picking the pieces, reading them aloud a couple of times & editing the words for flow &, in some cases, ease of pronunciation. I end up taking some out of the set, changing the position of others. The key is what to start with & what to end with. As these are unrelated it was more difficult to make those choices.

03-redpoppy-02My opener is usually a high-energy, slightly comic piece so this time I’m doing the opposite with the no-holds-barred social commentary “Dead Already” – this explores the unwillingness to take responsibility for ones actions by victim blaming. High-energy & perhaps blackly comic. There is a previously blogged version that made a few people cry.

I follow with “Love Your Work” – a directly comic look at the foibles of a spokenword scene in which bartenders get more tips at a show that the performers earn by being there. I follow that with “Give Generously” – social commentary on the gap between the objects of charity & those getting the charity. Next is “Reaping Victory” – a more directly political piece that deals with memory, war and agriculture.

03-redselfie04“Chalk It Up To Experience*” is the one sweet memory piece in this set. People love these & I felt ti was time to share my memories of high-school mammaries. Next is “Faultless” another no-holds-barred exploration of the unwillingness to take responsibility for ones actions by victim blaming.

“Spoilers” is a list poem. “After The Falling” perhaps the most surreal of this set maybe about slipping on the ice or about falling in love.

For those waiting for the hot stuff here it comes, first with “Hard On” – we say other thing but our bodies say another but when you’re naked no one is listening. That is followed by “Man In The Moon” – an attempt to explore gay sex, race & permission. Finally “Breaking In Grief” – unlike anything else in the set though it does have some memory – the memory goes back about fifteen years, not fifty years :-). It’s looks at house grief is processed. Sounds like a downer way to end a set buy trust me it isn’t.

03-redcar03A PDF of my Hot Damn! will be available for $2.00. My chapbook is $10.00 (in the flesh if you want one via mail add $3 for postage). If you want a PDF copy of the chap book send $4.00 to my paypal below & I’ll email you a copy. The PDF will have additional Power pieces. All PayPal sales go to buying me (& other poets) coffee at Capturing Fire 🙂


another piece that didn’t make the final cut

Then Things Changed


that was me


those were my words


I believed what I said

things change

I change

stop trying to pour me of today

into the image of me



people tell me I’ve lost weight

when I was never aware

that they were aware

of what I weighed

that what I look liked mattered


I didn’t know or care

yet now that I’ve changed

physically in their eyes

they still see me

as the same person

but not so fat

they never said I was fat


mind you

but that I’ve lost weight since



I don’t say what I once said

my world view has changed

become broader

& more refined at the same time

my body gets narrow

my vision get clearer

in ways people notice

people I hadn’t set out

to be noticed by



now knowing

they’ve been looking

that they are capable of comparing

the old me


with the new me

I still don’t give a shit


thanks for noticing

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3 thoughts on “Hot Damn! Sneak Peak

  1. Great stuff! Sorry I can’t make the show but I am ordering the PDF. Not the same – I’ll miss out on seeing what shirt 👚 you wear. 😉

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