Selling Out

meandchapThe After The Falling chapbook is $10.00 – in the flesh. If you want one via snail mail add $3 for postage. For USA hard copy price remains $13 US funds to cover difference in shipping costs. PDF prices are Canadian funds.

If you want a PDF copy of the chap book send $4.00 to my paypal below & I’ll email you a copy. The PDF will have additional Power pieces.

A PDF of my Hot Damn! set is available for $2.00. The set PDF contains the pieces that aren’t in the hardcopy or PDF chapbook.

Make sure you give me the email for PDF, or the name & mailing address you
want the hard copy book snail mailed to.

All PayPal sales go to buying me (& other poets) coffee at Capturing Fire 🙂


read about the Hot Damn! process:

Hot Damn! Set Building

Chapbooks and Spatial Reasoning

Hot Damn! Sneak Peak

14257567_1162384753819933_3271661288579707843_oon going 🙂 when new podcast are posted:  Disability after Dark  iTunes

June 9-10-11: attending: Capturing Fire 2017 – flight & hotel booked already


check out these poets from  Capturing Fire 2015 & 2016


November 1 – 30 Participating NaNoWriMo



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