Sunshine Superman

06-snow01Donovan was supposedly the British Bob Dylan: wiry haired, guitar player with harmonic strapped to his face, who sang protest songs. From the very start there was big difference between them – Donovan was gentle, androgynous & influenced by Yates. Dylan was rough, masculine & influenced by Ginsberg. Donovan was, to my ear, more musically adventurous.

06-snow02In my collection I have as mp3’s Fairytale/ Sunshine extras/ Hits/ LittleOnes/ Barabajagal/ Open Road w: Jason Donovan; Stand alones: Sunshine Superman; Mellow Yellow/A Gift; Hurdy Gurdy Man; Catch The Sun: a 3 CD 1 DVD retrospective. Plus his more recent Beat Cafe tucked away in a Lou Reed mp3 collection. And Shadows of Blue.

His early folk stuff is traditional celtic, protest stuff – things like Universal Soldier, Geraldine. It was his Sunshine Superman that broke him into the North American market. The lp is beautiful. It is clearly the inspiration for the chamber pop of groups like Antony & The Johnsons or The Irrepressibles. If you are a fan of either of those two groups you must hear Sunshine Superman. Mellow Yellow the follow up was similar but with stronger sweet jazz influences in the mix – Sunny Googe Street – ‘mingus mellow fantastic’ is right.

06-snow03I love all the lps in this collection. I did get a little bored, as he clearly was getting bored, with his music after For Little Ones. The Box set, in a purple velvet case, covers his early career well. The DVD is sweet with his Open Road band playing in the greek islands. Beat Cafe (2004) is great fun, his voice is intact & as the title reflects he steps into the Beat scene & revisits some of his older material at the same time with remixes. Shadows of Blue (2013) is a return to his Open Roads country sound.

06-snow04Now about his truly androgynous image. Most pop stars then, and now, projected a very sexual sense of self – male or female. Bowie may present androgynous but he never seems to lack sexuality. Donovan projected sensual childlike warmth in a nearly genderless way. He sang about women without seeming creepy, exploitive of even sexually interested in them. His public persona was his music. His fashion was hippy dippy free flowing – flowers & kaftans at one time. I have yet to see him cited as a sexual revolutionary for androgyny the way Prince or Bowie have been.


Susan Takes Charge

Book 1

Chapter   1 – Time of interchange

Chapter   2 – The first secret

Chapter   3 – Susan meets the master

Chapter   4 – The children play

Chapter   5 – A change in the weather

Chapter   6 – The master has other plans

Chapter   7 – Susan starts to sew

Chapter   8 – The children find a rabbit

Chapter   9 – The circus comes to town

Chapter 10 – Where’s Polly?

Chapter 11 – The time

Chapter 12 – Dan pops the question

Chapter 13 – Fear takes a turn

Chapter 14 – A day in the country

Chapter 15 – The stars above

Chapter 16 – Polly has another chance

Chapter 17 – The master mends his ways

Chapter 18 – Susan bakes a cake

Chapter 19 – What the Parson said

Chapter 20 – The children meet an old gypsy woman

Chapter 21 – Bad news

Chapter 22 – A return to the old

Chapter 23 – Another secret

Chapter 24 – Susan meets the master

Chapter 25 – The children go to school

Chapter 26 – Winter comes

Chapter 27 – The master has news

Chapter 28 – Susan starts a plan

Chapter 29 – The children find a new friend

Chapter 30 – The family goes skating

Chapter 31 – Polly tells

Chapter 32 – The clock strikes one

Chapter 33 – Fear returns

Chapter 34 – A day in the old castle

Chapter 35 – The earth below

Chapter 36 – Polly makes amends

Chapter 37 – Susan paints the boat house

Chapter 38 – What the fortune teller said

Chapter 39 – The children meet their mother

Chapter 40 – Bedtime stories

Book Two  Travels to Strange Lands

Chapter 41 – Susan packs a bag

Chapter 42 – Nurse finds the key

Chapter 43 – The weird Captain

Chapter 44 – Life on the boat

Chapter 45 – Small birds

Chapter 46 – The odd pet

Chapter 47 – New lands

Chapter 48 – Naked natives

Chapter 49 – Polyamorous adventures

Chapter 50 – Mating rituals

Chapter 51 – Susan becomes the master

Chapter 52 – Becky taken captive

Chapter 53 – The fierce tribe

Chapter 54 – Flesh finds a home

Chapter 55 – Ritual scarification

Chapter 56 – A secret revealed

Chapter 57 – Bones in the sand

Chapter 58 – A distant horizon

Chapter 59 – The boys run away

Chapter 60 – Susan takes charge

Chapter 61 – Polly is queen

Chapter 62 – The last of the captain

Chapter 63 – The three coins

Chapter 64 – The cave in the cove

Chapter 65 – The struggle to survive

Chapter 66 – Rescue at last

Chapter 67 – The voyage home

Chapter 68 – The happy ending

Chapter 69 – A wedding

Chapter 70 – A new adventure


Chapbooks now available:



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