Law 21: Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker


I’ve never done anything like this before

well to be honest I have


never with a dick like yours

I’ve seen bigger

but never wanted it

as much as I want yours

it’s a great cock

no one have ever given me

so much pleasure with their cock

the fact that you don’t kiss

is made up for with your fabulous pecker

yes it’s the best I’ve ever had

not that I’ve had that many

but I can tell you’re experienced

by the way you enjoy what you are doing

you don’t waste time with conversation

just get down to the deed

do what you do best

that’s all I want

that’s all anyone ever wants

they don’t want you

just your amazing power driving cock

and that’s all you want to do

regardless of their pleasure


you are a man interested in only his needs



in and out

seeing the world

as just a depository

for your energizing sperm

we aren’t people

just warm wet

come rags

no I don’t mind

no one does

we just want to worship

your fantastic thrusting rocket of pleasure

This is one the Law pieces that bounces off the word ‘sucker’ as opposed to the intent of the law. It looks at how gay men manipulate each other to get what they want, or what they say they want, or think they want. It’s about the power shift of who is really in control, how much one may be willing to give up to get control – which sounds like a paradox, right.

I suppose in most relationships each partner likes to feel that they are in control – one is the top the other the bottom. Here things start with the porn cliche – never done anything like this – which seems to give the doer control – compliments are handed to keep that control – such nice equipment. The tone is sardonic – does the guy believe you think his cock is that wonderful?

I enjoy the unreliable narrator who chastises ‘just a depository’ but yet seems envious of being able to treat others that way & get away with it. It’s the dichotomy that one can easily get caught up in – we enjoy what isn’t good for us – maybe partly because it isn’t good for us.

Sexually people often get reduced to parts ‘they don’t want you, just your amazing power driving cock.’ I think this is one of the reason porn has such an appeal – we don’t have to deal with personality beyond the moan. She was hot until she started talking. We don’t want want partners we want sex dolls, preferably ones that read our minds & do what they do best.

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