Don’t Need Permission

Law 22: Surrender Tactic: Transform Weakness into Power

Don’t Need Permission


just because I’m not with you

doesn’t mean I’m against you

I’m not taking side

I’m not standing in your way

my indifference

can’t be built on

but don’t let that deter you

you can build

you can move forward

you don’t need my permission or support

I’m not a viper in your breast

that’s me on the sidewalk

the white entitled cismale

who doesn’t even have to count

on those factors

as long as others take them

into consideration

I don’t have to do anything to reenforce

those inherent historic qualities

they are merely there

don’t allow your judgements

of what is merely there

keep you from anything

I’m not you

not with you

not against you

no one needs my acknowledgement

my sympathy

any actions of direct support

to make changes

that need to be made

I don’t have the power

the strength

the moral commitment

to either cause for resist

I’ll stand back

and when you are done

maybe we can go for a coffee

Thanks to Capturing Fire & Hot Damn! I’ve become more aware of trans & non gender people. Many of whom, quite rightly, bring a lack of trust for the cis community – regardless of the sexuality of that community. So becoming an ally hasn’t been as simple as #ing.

I’ve found that sometime they present the dame inflexibilities as those who are inflexible about them. Having conversations are more like listening without commenting & if one isn’t 100% into the unfairness one isn’t with them. Not that I want to negotiate balance but for myself I know for my own spiritual equilibrium I have to move past my anger.

Perhaps this comes from my white cismale entitlement – which isn’t say I don’t have my own areas cultural diaspora – they certainly aren’t as dramatic as issues around race or gender. But it sometimes seems they have no identity outside their fight to establish the right to their identity. Trans folk to choose to be trans & live their lives quietly are rare (I do know some though).

I also back away from anyone’s constant need to be accepted by others before they can feel accepted by themselves. But I also know these are people trying to transform what the culture around them has deemed a weakness & turn it into a strength – to insist they not be discounted because they don’t fit a cultural norm.

I think how this prompt set of this chain of though was the converting of weakness. All too often this ‘weakness’ springs from letting our lives be reduced to causes & the futility that often comes for dealign with educating people who don’t feel they need to know better. Strength can come from stepping outside the need to constantly educate to enjoy a cup of coffee & shoot the breeze about bad footwear.



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