I don’t listen to the radio, nor do I watch any music video channels so I don’t know how popular Doves are or were. At one time I was picking up a British pop magazine – Mojo? – that often included a compilation cd. This was were I first head Cold Play’s Yellow. The magazine had an ‘if you like … you’ll like’ feature. I liked Cold Play (then) & the ‘if you like’ listed Doves. I later read somewhere that Doves toured with Cold Play.

In my collection I have all as stand alone’s: Lost Souls, the last broadcast, lost sides (eps, singles), Some Cities, Kingdom of Rust. The music & lyrics are emotionally compelling & adult. This isn’t, to my ear, radio pop fodder. The sound is modern Procol Harum – dense, often piano based. Lead singer has a warm baritone. Songs feature fine guitar work & harmonies. They dealt with relationships, aging & often just fun in the sun.

The song writing, music & lyrics progresses from cd to cd as they stretch & mature. This is adult pop as opposed to Cold Play with its more populist appeal. If you like Doves you’ll also like Elbow, People in Planes, Super Furry Animals, The Editors.

I picked up Nick Drake’s hit collection Way To Blue after reading more & more about him in the press at one time. Died young, music nearly forgotten until a song was used in a TV commercial & his star rose higher & higher as a result, too bad he was dead & didn’t enjoy it at the time. His work is moody, pleasant, nicely produced & romantic. Reminds me some of Cat Stevens.



Tom stood silent in the bedroom door way. He watched as the two – a parent and child – went through the dresser drawers one by one – pulling out his socks, his underwear.

He didn’t recognize the parent, at least not from behind. Her pale hair stuck by sweat to the nape of her neck. She stood up abruptly from the bottom drawer she had been rooting in. His bottom drawer.

‘I found something.’ A silver box flashed in her hand.

‘Oh Mummy you’re so good at finding treasure.’ the child replied. It was Monica. One of June’s classmates.

‘Did you find anything?’ Mummy put the silver box into her purse.

‘Not yet.’

‘Try the bed side table. There’s cash there.’ Tom stepped into the room.

‘Oh shit.’ Mummy stepped towards Tom. ‘Don’t think you’ve got much hope here sweetheart. One word from you and I’ll scream. I say I caught you molesting Monica. I’ll …’

Tom’s  fist flashed out, struck Mummy on the chin. She fell back on the bed.

‘Lady that isn’t going to wash here. If it were a Danny, maybe, but even then don’t try it.’

‘Don’t hurt my Mummy.’ Monica flew at him swinging and scratching and kicking. ‘We were just looking for treasure. That’s all. We’ll put it back. We will.’

Tom pushed Monica firmly against the wall with one hand and punched numbers into the phone with the other.

‘Hi Max. It’s Sgt Malloy. Got a robbery suspect here …. at my house … yeah, never get a day off do we? … Birthday and all … might want to run a check and see if there’s a pattern here … no sirens please, don’t want to scare the clowns.’

Mummy sat up on the bed. Tom released Monica and she rushed to her. They hugged.

The sounds of the birthday party came through the open window.

‘For they’re a jolly good fellows

which nobody can deny.’



‘Nobody can what?’

‘Nobody can deny.’


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