Julie Driscoll

Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger and the Trinity was an almost sensation with their amazing pop/jazz sound. A clear precursor for groups like the Eurythmics. Julie was too fashionable for critics to take seriously & the music was too jazzy for the youth market it was aimed at. Auger had, & continues to have, a strong jazz following before & after his work with Driscoll.

The first lp Open was one side jazz & the other side pop. Their version of Season of the Witch is sublime. Auger’s sound is a more propulsive Jimmy Smith/Wes Montgomery. The lp was a minor sensation with critics taking shots at her looks & deriding her limited vocal ability.

This was followed by the double Streetnoise – the same mix of fine jazz instrumentals, poetical originals & excellent covers. Her Light My Fire is great. I loved this lp & was eager to replace it with mp3. As my taste aged I enjoyed the jazz more & more too. Once again critics weren’t happy with her prettiness or their musical pretentiousness. How dare a rock group do material about Czechoslovakia as well as cover American pop.

Open, Streetnoise is on an mp3 collection along with a live set at the Piper Club – the live set sound isn’t great but for fans it is a chance to hear them live. As usual this mp3 collection mixes eras & styles. So there is some Anita Baker: The Songstress, Rapture. Giving You The Best I’ve Got. Romanic sexy r’n’b soul. A bit too syrupy for me. Barbra Lewis Hits collection. Hello Stranger has to be one of the creepiest songs but her voice is marvellous & the songs are great. A good friend of mine had this on lp & I made a cassette copy. Eventually upgraded to mp3.

Finally in this collection is Emmy Rossum: Inside Out. SYTYCD used her Slow Me Down for a routine. I had the warms for the male dancer in it & the song itself had a sweet propulsion I enjoyed. I made a note of the singer & found it on iTunes. This is one of the ways I discover newer music. Emma has a pleasant voice. The songs are forgettable for the most part but she’s no better worse than Julie Driscoll just not as jazzy.


P’rak motioned for J’hhon to look at the vidscreen.

‘What do you make of this?’

‘Looks like a cos swirll. We get a lot of them in this quadrant.’

‘Can we get a refract analysis of it.’

‘Why? Check the other instruments first. It takes more energy than we can spare for a full orb to do a refract analysis.’

P’rak slid away from the aft instrument panel and back to his station on the deck. J’hhon was never easy to predict. But something in his fib’ra’tor told him this wasn’t a mere cos swirll. It was something more. He ran the various sensors over the swirll but they produced the expected results. Nothing to call for more serious consideration. Cos swirlls were daily, hourly events that were as common as stars.

‘Find anything?’

‘’Nope. Guess you’re right J’hhon.’

‘You don’t sound so sure. You’re not an mpatht and haven’t told me you are one have you.’

‘Please I have enough problems in my life without that too. No but …’

‘But what?’

‘I get a feeling here. You know. Don’t you think it odd that there’d be a cos swirll so close to a planet with moons?’

‘Hmm. Check with puter first. See what the system tells us about the frequency of such events.’

‘I’ll get on it right away.’

‘Thanks for paying attention to little things P’rak.’

P’rak was astonished. J’hhon was sincere in his thanks. So progress was being made after all.

The puter files found several references to such planetary cos swirlls and even one that involved moons. But they were always subterfuge, camouflage of sort sort.

‘Sir. J’hhon this is more serious that a cos swirll. Puter says this configuration is never natural.’

J’hhon scanned the files.

‘Shit. Better get ready for some real work for a change.’

‘And about time.’


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