Chick Corea

Jazz-rock fusion put Chick Corea on the charts with his funky, latino sensibility. He was a well respected jazz musician before but his Return to Forever band made his reputation. My first real introduction was in Cape Breton when some local jazz musicians returned to the island after a time in Toronto. Some of the pieces they brought back were Spain, 100 Miles High. Flute sweet & keyboard sensuous I loved it.

Return to Forever recorded extensively with various members who became jazz giants Stanley Clarke, Airto Moreira, Flora Purim.  Across 2 mp3 collections I have: Light as a feather, No Mystery, Return to Forever, Where Have I Known You Before, Waltz For Bill Evan, Romantic Warrior, Delphi Solos, Leprechaun, In Concert with Herbie Hancock. Stand alones: Return to Forever 1, My Spanish Heart, Dejavu 2 cd set. His work with Gary Burton is cream of the crop duets. As well a double cd of the recent reunion tour (gift from a fellow fan) Also a cd with Stan Getz.

The music goes from high energy jazz fusion, seductive jazz chamber music, fun interactions with Hancock. The latino influence is sometimes prime, other times non-existent. His solo work is sublime. He was a group leader who never dominated and gave everyone a chance to shine. I’ve always been amazed at his adaptability fitting in with Lionel Hampton as well as he did with his own fusion sound. A master musician worth diving into if you aren’t really into him.


‘Then a refract analysis is next. Once we have that data we can evaluate our position.’

P’rak watched J’hhon move back and forth. From the aft to the fore.

‘We don’t have much time.’

J’hhon rubbed the ridge between his eye nodes.

‘J’hhon, sir, we have to commence the procedure as soon as possible.’

‘I don’t want to act too hastily. What do we know about the area where the cos swirll had been noticed?’

‘Not a great deal. I can …’

‘Yes, check the files and see. Perhaps it is something we can handle with minimum use of energy. You know we have to notify Cenfrer Colmand before we initiate any exceptional probes.’

P’rak slithered back to his console. His frets punched in the command for more information.

‘Puter doesn’t have a great deal on this quadrant. Stable sun. Several planets, moons. Nothing out of the ordinary.’

‘Any with sufficient knowledge to establish a cos swirll?’

‘Hmm.’ He pushed away from the screen. ‘We’d have to hook up with Drletwa V to access further information. They might wonder why we want it?’

‘Tell them we are in the vicinity and want all the info before we proceed.’

‘You’ll have to come up with something better than that.’

‘Tell them the truth. We suspect a cos swirll and …’

‘Even the truth has worn out it’s welcome at Cenfrer Colmand. We’ll have to offer them something.’

‘Barter? Ore?’

‘Something like that I’m afraid.’

‘Shittt. We don’t have much to offer anyone.’

‘Doesn’t have to be much.’

J’hhon began his uncertain pacing around the tiny cockpit. ‘I have it. Do we still have any of the stim-s.d. A little mind vacation could be most welcome to them.’

‘I’ll check below sir. There should be some but …’

‘But what …’

‘Nothing, sir. Nothing.’

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