Duffy Dury Blockheads

The UK seems to have an insatiable appetite for young female pop singers that manage a hit album or two then fade away (Cilla Black) into hosting TV shows. Sometimes they manage a US hit but then are never heard of again. One of these was/is Duffy – a fine young Welsh singer whose Rockferry made some traction in the US market. She did do a pleasant follow up. The sound is generic soulful pop. She didn’t get the US push Josh Stone did – then again whatever became of Josh Stone?

Less disposable is Ian Dury. British male pop singers get more support & tend to be less flash in the pan. He was part of the new wave pop in the 80’s-90’s, with smart, funny, catchy lps & songs – name checking would take too long – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick! is a prime example of sexual insinuation, clever lyrics, pop hooks & great singing.

The band’s lps are all great & hold up well today. His solo work is fine fun too. Like Andrew Gurza he embraces his disability proudly on Lord Upminster in songs like Spasticus.

In my collection I have Ian Dury & the Blockheads: New Boots/Do It Yourself as an lp to cd transfer. Best of: as a stand alone. His solo Lord Upminster is tucked into a Talking Heads mp3 collection. I did have it as a cassette. I love this oddly cheerful music that has touches of Genesis, 10 cc, even Roxy Music in it. Upminster moves into a more disco sound – Funky Disco Pops lives up to its title. I love his voice, his lyrics and if you aren’t familiar you are missing a great band. He died in 2000 😦


J’hhon left the nav cab and went to his quarters. He rested his tired shoulders against the door. There was barely enough room to turn around in the space. He either stood or laid down, no room to sit and stretch one’s extremities. Compact. It was all so compact. Might as well live in a drawer.

That’s all they really were, now that he thought of it. A dresser drawer in space. Everything in neat, confining, little, snug nooks.. He closed his eye nodes. The after resonance of the artificial lighting danced for a few moments before it settled. He felt the hum of the ship throb in his bones, the sound of it washed over him. It never faded. His dreams, when he had them, always had this warm hum sky suffocate everything.

‘J’hhon. J’hhon.’ There was a tap on his door.

‘Yes P’rak what is it?’

‘I can’t get through to Cenfrer Colmand.’

‘Cos swirll interference?’

‘Could be but more like they have filled the channel with pointless gossip. You know what those guys are like.’

J’hhon slid the door of his quarters open. It wasn’t wide enough to allow P’rak to enter, and even if it was there wasn’t space in the room for more than one form at a time. No congress of flesh here.

‘Then we’ll have to send a report to V and go ahead as best as we can.’

‘Good sir. I think we should investigate more before alerting anyone.’

‘Another feeling P’rak?’

‘Yes. There’s something to this that is more than meets the nodes.’

They went back to the nav cab. J’hhon saw that P’rak had already plotted a course that would bring them closer to the cos swirll.

‘What are the risks?’


‘Are we facing something truly dangerous or just some space blip.’

‘Dangerous? In what way?’

‘Why are you playing dense with me P’rak. You know very what I mean.’

‘Sir, you are taking in riddles.’

‘I suppose I am. Do we have much time before initial contact.’

‘Contact sir. With what?’

J’hhon pushed P’rak aside to check the cos swirll stats.

‘Shittt.’ One of the effects was a blurring of mental capacity. No harm in that though. Maybe he’d go back to his space, rest awhile. Yes that’s what he would do.


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