Who Wants It To Be For Free

Law 27: Create a Cult: Play on People’s Need to Believe

Who Wants It To Be For Free

it can’t be free

the more it costs

the more its worth

but it will be within reach of all

even merely through a window

nothing to hide

nothing to give away either

time is as good as money

spread the word

that’ll be enough

spread it far and wide

stand on street corners

yell in basements

cut through the illusion

of now here reality

it can be freeing

to cut yourself loose

of all that holds you

to your ideals

try ours instead

they are built on

ancient tried and proven realities

they wouldn’t last

if they weren’t better than

what you think you think

that’s why they aren’t free

they aren’t cheap

surrender give in give up

it is pointless to resist

this tide has been washing the world clean

before there even was a world

in your heart you know

this is the one true way

the ultimate loss of self

why waste time resisting

we’ll be coming for you

whether you like it or not

so pay up now

or regret it later

we can wait

as it is written

so it will be

Law 27 spoke to me of belief systems such as Scientology, EST (remember that one). The opening lines came quickly – this idea that cost=quality. One of the things I’ve found in recovery is that AA is too finically inexpensive for some people to believe that it works or that it’ll work for them – it’s good enough for those that can’t afford the real thing etc.

I run into this “cost=quality” thinking in many areas – the more a creative writing workshop costs the better your writing will become, the more you’ve paid for your self-healing workshop, your crystals, the more authentic your experience is. Many of these ‘opportunities’ have increasingly more expensive levels of participation for the truly enlightened. Too bad for you if you aren’t rich enough to get fully healed.

We maybe allowed a t shop window view but to get the toys you better cough up & keep coughing it up. Cults want to replace your sense of self to the point were you distain those who can’t accept their view as the right & only view, only if you can pay to see what the view that is.

The piece takes on a somewhat more scriptural sense as it progresses. It’s as if the use of that sort of language & referencing gives a spiritual train of thought greater truth. ‘As it is written’ is a clever spin on ‘as it has been translated’ to suit our purposes. All history is filtered through the lens of the translator’s moral world view. This is why Egyptian mythology is deemed superstitious mythology while Christian thinking is consider real factual & not at all superstitious.

It is even easier to dismiss someone adopting ancient Egyptian beliefs as being delusional, a flake, while someone converting to Christianity is seeing the true realistic light. The piece reflect my own rather cynical attitudes around specific belief systems without naming them. Shampoo is shampoo regardless of the brand.



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