El Amor De Pomp

I have some Elgar as an lp to cd transfer that includes Pomp & Circumstances Marches, Crown of India Suite, & Serenade for Strings. Elgar has never really grabbed me – unlike, say, Vaughn Williams. I find Elgar to be elegant but on the dull side. I’ve had these pieces in my collection for decades mind you but if I have to do a fast cull they would be the first to go. Sad thing about classical music sometimes you can’t even give it away.

De Falla is another story altogether. My MHS cassette recording of El amor brujo (“The Bewitched Love”) was one of my favourites – the alto singing the ‘lead’ was deeply emotional & I was super happy to find that recording finally reissued on iTunes. It was backed with Nights in the Gardens of Spain – a transporting impressionist piece I also love.  This in on an mp3 collection along with a selection of his orchestra works. All of which are rich in romantic Spanish emotionalism.

I added to it Borodin: orchestral work & his complete work for piano – this is the Russian equivalent of Da Falla -stirring, romantic and satisfying. The Polovtsian Dances are another of my early classical loves & I can see Cossacks dancing every time I hear this. I added a set of Russian Melodies: all those, by now, cliche moments, that one hears as background music to create an instant Russian feeling.

Finally Oscar Levant’s Gershwin as played by him in various movies. Hollywood at one time longed to be more than just Busby Berkley & there are endless classical music movies. Levant is a solid pianist & was always the perfect sardonic best friend – a male Eve Arden – who handled that dialogue with finesse & could really play that piano – unlike John Garfield playing violin with someone else’s hands.


‘The retro pulsion should keep us in orbit till we can figure out what to do.’ J’hhon looked to P’rak. ‘You look worried.’

‘No more than you do. Even if the ship can withstand this pressure I’m not sure we’ll have enough power to get away. We may have to land.’

‘Land!’ J’hhon had never touched ground other than the floor of his ship. ‘You mean leave the the ship?’

‘Yes.’ P’rak was amused by J’hhon’s apprehension. ‘Comes a time …’

‘What can you tell about the planet?’

‘The refract analysis isn’t done yet.’

‘Have you scanned the surface below us?’

‘You aren’t going to be any wiser for it I’m afraid. It is a Rustic Four civilization.’

‘Four! Are you sure?’

‘No mistaking it.’

‘Have you ever come across anything this primitive? How could they manage a cos swirll?’

‘An anomaly perhaps. Remember the Fraks with their lascom. They were a Rustic 2. So …’

The ship rocked.

‘What is it?’

‘We’ve been hit by a power burst of some sort.’

‘Weapons? They have inter-time weaponry too?’

‘No. It was the cos swirll. One of the band’s bushed against us.’

‘Brushed? I thought they were fixed by the the field?’

Another burst shook the nav cab.

‘They must have greater control than …’

The ship spun and dropped.

‘We’re being pulled down to the surface. The retro pulsion isn’t strong enough to resist this.’

The pressure on the ship increased.

‘We’re being crushed. What can we do?’

‘Communicate?’ P’rak hit the life alert that would broadcast their presence, their intentions.

The side of the nav cab split a small crack and then with a gush of atmosphere it was ripped open. The two occupants were instantly crushed, their bodies stains on the deck.


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