On Disability After Dark Andrew Gurza frequently talks about his dislike of inspiration porn – look how well this disabled person does. So when I say AG inspires me this is not what I am talking about. His candour about his life, fears, frustrations have pushed me to look at my little gay life & discussion those issues too. I may never reach the levels of vulnerability Andrew has but I’m not afraid of going there, either.

I should also make a disclaimer here – I am not disabled – I have never really met Andrew either, so we have not had sex. I state this because some people have assumed those things. Not that I mind those assumptions but I don’t want readers to think I’m being dishonest when I respond to the issues he talks about.

His podcast brings a vulnerability to being queer that is at times disarming while at the same time has encouraged me to become more vulnerable about my own fears & frailties. Not that I’ve ever been that hidden but at the same felt that talking about my sense of body issues, about agism – would be seen as some grumpy old gay queer bitching about being a grumpy old gay queer. I decided that was probably better than being seen as another boring old fart.

He explores issues of message, of how to convey that message in ways that serve change. He’s done sets of quite hot nudes. He’s not been afraid to make – no, not make – but demand, a place for his hot cripbod. Should I # that: #hotcripbod ? As a result I’ve pushed myself to create a greater visibility for the ordinary Joe body with my #DadBodHot postings on tumblr – me in my undies grinning at a mirror. You can blame Andrew for giving me the motivation to be even more out there than I am.



I was going to go with


but #this was too impersonal

too ambiguous

it wasn’t the fact of life that matters

but that my life in particular matters


what am I trying to do

co-opt a bigger   more important movement

coattail on the buzz

it has built

capitalize on their suffering & hard work

just to gain some pitiful attention


am I hoping to create controversy

with this spin

on an already over spun trend

with some snide spin of my own

because I think #myspinmatters

when its clear that it doesn’t

mean shit to a tree

I’m just another privileged guy

whose life

whose opinion

doesn’t matter

who doesn’t have a hope in hell

of stirring up anything

outside of his own little pond


so I guess

until I have something profound to say

and the money to back it up



Chapbooks available: http://wp.me/P1RtxU-2f6


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