Anarchist of Ass

Law 32: Play to People’s Fantasies

Anarchist of Ass

ooh I can’t wait

for you to fill my ass pussy

with your man clit


it’s not a clit?

it’s bigger than that

you don’t want to be feminized


want to fuck my ass pussy

want to eat it out

then breed me

fill me with your baby seed

I don’t get it

you won’t get it either

because I don’t have a man cunt


I’m not a female proxy

I’m a man

I know too many

who have made that transition

from male to female

I respect the cost of that journey

too much

to let you treat me like a woman


I guess it lets your masculinity

enjoy man on man

if you pretend it’s not that

that you aren’t fucking a male ass hole

but his butt vagina

a weird rationalization

a permission to pleasure

without committing to the gender

if you want pussy

why not get someone who has one

that one sure isn’t me


no I’m not some sort of activist

an anarchist out to diminish your fantasy

I’m not part of it

even if you want parts of me

to fulfill it

am I to be grateful that you want

to breed my ass pussy with your

what …

I don’t know what to call it now

your cock

yes it sure it is big and hard


that’s not my dream dick


you are man enough to give it

but are you man enough to take it

This is one that springs directly from the law – being someone’s fantasy – in this case not being interested in someone else’s fantasy. There is this gender dichotomy in the queer world of top and bottom. Top being male, bottom being feminine – or top being superior and bottom being inferior.

The language in online profiles & even online handles plays into this division, this power dynamic. Guys claimed to be total tops, or power bottoms – which is fine but limiting. Power bottoms challenge tops to satisfy – to prove their masculinity. Masculinity being the holy grail of cockdom.

The need to feminize runs through some profiles with men either offering to satisfy your ass pussy or wanting a top to do that for them. This, as the piece says, is total turn off for me. I don’t get it & these guys are never getting it from me. I supposed it meant to sound sort of teasingly fun at & erotic at the same time. ‘Breeding’ is another of those words that is supposed to be arousing – looking for a breeding – that infers the top is either bi or straight. Straight cock being much more masculine than queer cock.

If I sound judgemental maybe I am – I can take a pass but rarely feel the need to confront those guys who have or want some feminized same-sex experience. I can say no. My fantasy isn’t as complex or entrenched in anything beyond my rather shallow cis-sex focus. I am attracted to men who are men. Keeps it simple.

This is a piece that I loved from the moment I wrote the first line. It is one that quickly wrote itself. It uses language that takes me out of my comfort zone – presents a side of me that rarely works its way into conversation & perhaps reveals more of the real me than people want to know. It is also great fun to perform though I have found some have reacted negatively to the blunt language. Such is life.


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