Lazarus Kiss.21

Sis amplexibus Amor alios mututa memini et amoris in mutationes memini.

May you be embraced by a love beyond recall that alters others

and a love within recall that alters you.



Once Alex was wearing dry shorts and tee-shirt Harris waited till he had wrung his wet clothes out before putting them into the dryer.

“So ya can do wash right here?” Alex asked. “Beats sloggin’ to a laund’amat.

“Yep but these condo sized units take more loads to get the job done. Anything more than two sheets, I have to take downstairs to the laundry room here.”

Harris’s clothes were more than a few sizes too large for Alex. Alex’s hairy arms and legs looked out of place in clothes that Harris was used to wearing. He had avoided looking when Alex dried off and changed inside the doorway because he didn’t want to track all that water all over the place.

“Sorry about the bad fit. I’ve always like baggy. More comfortable. I hope you don’t mind the Bizzaro World tee.”

“Nah. It’s cool. Never cared ‘bout comic book stuff. Keepin’ up with school was ‘nough readin’ for me.”

They were both nervous, unsure of what to do or say. Harris felt that Alex was watching his every move.

“Can I get you a drink. How about a coffee to warm you.” Harris went to the kitchen. He opened the can of ground coffee, spilling it in the process. “Crap.”

“Nah, Harris I’m fine.” he reached over to help scoop up the spill. Their hands touched and both flinched back.

“You seem as unsure as I am.” Harris shrugged. He got a couple of beers out of the fridge, opened them and handed one to Alex.

“Like I told ya I don’t know what’s goin’ on wit me. I’ve always been into pussy, ya know. This is totally fucked.”

“Me too.” Harris went into the living room and sat in an armchair. Alex sat on the couch.

Alex looked around. “Nice place. You own.”

“Eventually.” He wanted to study Alex but didn’t want to be caught staring too hard. “You?”

“I share a shoe box wit m’ girl, Linda, ‘bout four years now.”

They listened to rain.

“What are we … I mean ….” Harris stuttered. “I’ve never been with a guy. Never wanted to.”

“Same here.” Alex scratched his belly. Belly was the first things guys flashed in the porn he’d watched.

“It’s not as if I wanted to either.”

“Me too. S’like someone hypnotized me an’ I can’t resist.”

“I’m cursed.” Harris blurted out. Maybe if he told the other party in the spell or whatever it was it would be broken.

“Cursed?” Alex slumped on the sofa, spread his knees to make his cock bounce up inside his shorts.

“It’s difficult to explain.” His eyed the heft of Alex’s cock yet felt no desire. He explained to Alex what he understood of the curse. As he talked he saw Alex was getting agitated. “I don’t know what this is going to result in. I mean meeting you. That you remember me and I remember you and all that. It’s never happened before, like this, even with a woman.”

Alex got up and took the two steps to Harris. He yanked Harris to his feet roughly and kissed him. Harris shoved his tongue into Alex’s mouth. They kissed for a few minutes. Harris almost lost his balance and held to Alex to keep from tumbling them both to the couch. He was aroused and he saw that Alex was aroused. It didn’t matter to him what gender Alex was. He wanted sex.

“What’s this is going to result in?” He tried to push Alex away.

Alex’s hands moved along Harris’s back down to his butt.

A phone rang.

“Isn’t mine.” Harris said.

“Ignore it. It’s mine.”

They sat on the couch. Alex’s erection bulging in Harris’s borrowed shorts. The phone rang again.

“Crap. Sorry.” He answered it. “Yeah …. yeah it was my turn to clean the kitchen … I’m busy …. okay okay …. no, I’m not with some bitch …. whatever.” He shut the cell and turned it off. “Sorry, the girlfriend.”

“Not getting along?” Harris stood. He was frightened. He had enjoyed the kiss but was he really enjoying or was it part of the curse.

“Who knows. Women.”

“The rain is letting up.”

“Going to get muggy.” Alex patted the couch beside him. “Sit.”

“ I can’t. Meeting you is one thing but …. sex … is another.”

“Ya reckon this is easy fer me? Do ya? I want to get the fuck out of here, ya know, but part of me wants ta, no, has ta be here, has ta do this.”

“Then what?” Harris’s voice rose.

“Forget each other. Isn’t that what ya said happens?”

“IF that was going to happen it would have by now.”

“Let’s find out.” He got up pulling the tee-shirt off and letting the oversized shorts drop.

“I … I can’t.” Harris stared at the body in front him. The hair on Alex’s arms and legs faded out while his chest was nearly hairless, a ruffle of it from his navel into the pubis around his thick cock. His solid abs were flesh and muscle. So Cyclops’s abs were real, not part of his costume. No tattoos.

“What the fuck!” Alex kicked the coffee table. Beer bottles went flying. He stopped and took a deep breath. “Okay. Okay. I unnastand this is as scary ta you as it is ta me.”

Harris looked away. He had never looked another naked male for this long. In high school he kept his eyes as much to nothing as he could in the gym class change room.

Harris’s cell phone began to ring. It was under the end table. Alex moved the table away staring at Harris as if to dare him to answer it.

“It’s the ring that someone’s downstairs.” Harris picked it up. “Hello.”

“Hey Dog, what’s shaking.”

“Trev!” He looked at Alex. “What brings you to my door.”

“Listen Dog, I got a hold of my auntie. She says she feels your vibration and wants you come see her asap.”

“I’ll be down in five.”

“And bring a gift for her.”

Harris shut his cell. Bring a gift?

“I have to go. That was Trevor. You know, the guy I usually show up at Story with.”

“Haf ta go?” Alex face reddened.

“He’s here. Down in the lobby. What did you want me to do? Ask him up?” There was no way he could explain Alex away. “He saw you kiss me in front of Story the other night.”

Harris’s phone rang again.

“I’m on my way Trevor give me a minute to get my pants on, alright.”

“Buzz me in. I’ll help you pick out decent jeans. Don’t want no sweats for my auntie.”

“Trust me Trevor. I’ll be right there.” he shut the phone off.

“Your clothes should be dry.” He went to the drier and took them out. “It’s stopped raining so they won’t get any wetter.” He grabbed a couple of the sample SofSknX soaps he’d taken from work. “You can get off on the first floor and walk down.”

“Whatever.” Alex pulled on his own shorts.

“How are your sneakers?” He was sorry to see Alex’s body disappear into clothes.

“Soggy.” Alex rolled his socks into a ball. “No need ta get dese wet again.” He shoved his other clothes into his gym bag.

While Harris went into his room and pulled on jeans and a clean tee-shirt.

“I’m set. Let’s go. Before Trev follows someone in and comes to the door.”

They got into the elevator. Harris punched one and ground. When it got to two he pulled Alex to him and kissed him.

“I’ll call you.” He pushed Alex off at the first floor and continued down to ground level.

Trev was pacing in the outer lobby.

“Dog, why did you make me wait down here.”

“My place is more of a mess than I want you to see.” He looked around. “I thought you had your Aunt Nelly with you.”

“It’s Auntie Nilasha. We’ll go to her. East end. Near Vic Park.”

The rain had stopped but hadn’t cooled things off at all. The air was damp and fog blurred the tops of buildings around them.

As they walked to the subway Alex jogged past them and turned to wave.

“Nice night gents.” He disappeared into the fog.

“Hey isn’t that the dude from Story.” Trevor said.

“Could be. Tell me about your Auntie Nilasha.”

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