Commie Pinko Fag


Started a new set of prompts – I love lists of things – this one will prove to be endlessly productive for another couple of years – 227 Rules For Monks. These are from the 30 nissaggiyas – 5  Not to accept a robe from a bhikkhunī who is not a relative.

Commie Pinko Fag

My mother

was sure the RCMP

would take an interest in me

because I had a pen pal

from Czechoslovakia


at that time

in Cape Breton

I had pen pals from a round the world

New Zealand Trinidad Uganda


but because Czechoslovakia

was a Communist state

my mother was sure

our family would fall under suspicion

that our house would be under surveillance

I thought she was joking


I was more interested in the stamps

than I was in the letters

in which my Czech friend talked about

schools music

we exchanged photos

I thought my mother was foolish

the image of a car across the street from our house

with officers watching us

with binoculars

made me laugh

or would they be reading the mail before I got it

I even thought

the non-capitalist nature of communism

made sense

it sounded fair

the red scare

the arms race

struck me then as being

USA protectionism

to preserve their status quo


she started a sense of paranoia

that I’ve never fully cast off

her stress on the importance

of not calling attention to one self

to appear bland & non-threatening

in a world in which

calling attention to oneself

was dangerous

it wasn’t as if

my search for worlds outside my own

was designed to call attention to myself

any more than being queer

was a ‘hey look at me’ decision


of course my mother grew up in a time

when Communism was a threat

according to the papers

spies where everywhere

and were recruiting

queer teens to undermine

the fabric of civilization

as if being an abomination unto the lord

wasn’t undermining enough


I never did adapt to the

cloak of invisibility

there wasn’t one that fit properly

no matter who handed it to me

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