Elbow Ass-Slapping

Elbow is another of those British groups that followed in the wake of Coldplay – similar to Doves – they have a solid adult rock sound. Intelligent, emotional lyrics & compelling song structure. They explore different sonics within a limited range – piano, guitar based with interesting rhythm explorations. Another modern group very reminiscent of Procol Harum.


I have as stand alone’s: a cast of thousands, Leaders of the Western World, The Seldom Seen Kid; and on one of my sprawling mp3 collections is Build a Rocket Boy. There is a clear musical & lyrical progression from lp to lp. There is no mistaking them for anyone else. Great hooks but perhaps too adult to grab the mainstream ear.

The mp3 collection includes some soundtracks: Nino Rota’s Romeo & Juliette: this was the film version that using right aged actors & the music is lush & romantic. I was rebel enough to actually own a copy of the lp in the face of my pals who preferred John Prine. Also the soundtrack from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliette: flashy pop for a flashy pop take on the classic story. It only made sense to also include the soundtrack to his Moulin Rouge in which the music is more integrated into the plot. Both pictures made me glad I wasn’t the set-dresser in charge of lighting candles.

I couldn’t resist the soundtrack to Tropic Thunder partly thanks to Tom Cruise’s Get Back by Ludacris ass slapping moments. Then to round things out Graham Parker’s Human Soul & The Pretenders’ Packed! Two British bands that influenced Elbow & two lps that I had as cassette & needed to be replaced with newer versions that didn’t, thankfully, include dozens of bonus tracks. More about them with I get to P.


‘This is the place in my Kingdom where all is perfect.’ Princess Tranquil stood at the window that overlooked the jungle.

‘Ah Princess Tranquil, I feel so privileged to be allowed this glimpse of the world outside your bower. That my eyes can look upon what your’s look upon is a gift I never expected.’

Princess Tranquil’s laughed and clapped her hands. ‘Now don’t get carried away. The tasks you have before you entitle you to this one moment of grace.’


‘Why yes, Prince Harper. You are here to win my hand? To take what is rightful yours?’

‘No Highness.’

Princess Tranquil’s eyes clouded. ‘You dare tell me that I have been wrong in my assumptions?’

‘Princess, I do beg your forgiveness but I have been sent here by my father on a mission of greatest urgency. Marriage will not be the solution to the dire events that are about to fall upon both our Kingdoms.’

‘Not as dire as what will happen as a result of your spurring me.’

Princess Tranquil reached for the mallet to ring the gong to would summon her servants.

Prince Harper stopped her.

‘Please Princess do not let your emotions get in the way. The White Worms have been seen at the boarders of our Kingdoms.’

‘The White Worms?’ Princess Tranquil stepped to her window. ‘Are you sure of this?’

‘Yes Princess. I have brought this as proof.’

He handed her the discarded People magazine that had been found.

Her hands shook as she unfolded the pages. Image after glossy image of the white worms assaulted her.

‘There are so many of them. What can we do?’

‘I do no know. That is why I have been sent.’

‘Then the first task before our marriage will be to deal with this crisis.’


‘Yes, I have deemed to accept your offer of marriage.’

‘I have made no such offer. As you well know that offer must be made from my father to your mother.’

‘If this threat is a dire as you say we have no time to waste on such ritual. I have the power to put aside such barriers.’

‘You do me great honour Princess. Great honour.’

Princess Tranquil unwrapped the long scarf that bound her hair. She tied it around the left calf of Prince Harper.

‘Wear this, my token, into the battles that are sure to ensue. It has power to protect you from the White Worms.’

‘Thank you. Thank you.’ Prince Harper backed out of the vaulted chamber careful not to trip over the tangled ends of the eight foot scarf.

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