Work Work Work

Work Work Work


it would have been too much work

too much responsibility

there so many other things

I would rather do

that in fact I already do

it was enough to have the opportunity

I didn’t set out

with that girl in mind

so the fact that it didn’t happen

doesn’t bother me a bit

I had nothing to prove

my family is proud of me

they were thrilled

I had the opportunity

they were not let down

when I didn’t get the win

they knew it would mean

I’d have less time or them

and time with others

helping and growing with them

is more important

so I am already blessed enough

my life is so full now

I couldn’t have taken on

more responsibility

more acclaim

more of anything really

in fact

I have too much going on

I have to find a way of doing less

not taking on more

no matter how profitable

how much it might enhance my reputation

I don’t need any more exposure

money is too much work to maintain

you know what I mean

I’m happy to keep my life simple

there are those who thrive on

that for accomplishment

I’m not one of them

having this opportunity

only confirmed that for me

I had too much of what I value

to lose

to care about winning

Law 36 set off another list poem but by the end of it there is a sense of sour-grapes as opposed to refusing for ethical reasons. Some of these excuses cone from various ‘reality’ TV contest shows – cooking, building – where everything is so edited one never really know what is going on – facials reactions are shown to statements that aren’t actually in response to what they are hearing.

I’ve always been amused by the supposed humble mutterings of being honoured to be there, that winning isn’t as important as the opportunity – if you didn’t want to win then why the heck are you there in the first place. Sore losers are rare & usually get scorned for being sore losers. It is okay to be disappointed in losing but not okay to say ‘the judges made a mistake.’

The piece is rather a jumble – I’ve made attempt at knocking it into a flow, of trying to create a subtext narrative line – some of ‘items’ on the list are more notes towards something & ultimately this is a shopping list of ideas – some of which I could develop & some of which came to me while I writing it the first time.

Often first drafts are like that – of a narrative doesn’t present itself I never force one but if one starts I’m fast to follow it to where it leads. None of these snippets lead anywhere. If I was to consider performing it I would make drastic decisions or break it into a series of haiku that would be loosely linked around the idea. But I don’t want to take on any more responsibility than presenting it in its unfinished form here – it’s enough to have had this opportunity 🙂

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