Jet Bag Lag

As is often the case getting to the airport takes longer than the flight – sometimes just getting to plane takes longer than the flight. Traffic slowed the drive to airport so I had just an hour to get from the car to the departure gate. Finding the right Air Canada aisle was the first hurdle, checking my luggage, getting though US border guards – no problem there – but – somehow I mis-tagged my suitcase 😦 10 minute delay to sort that out. Would it arrive in DC when I did? 

Then finding a washroom, the right boarding gate, getting seat assigned – well it all worked thanks to some deep breathing & the serenity prayer. The express flight was packed. My Kindle book was diverting enough. The flight was trouble free &, because of the delay with the suitcase it was one of the first to hit the baggage carousel.

Caught a cab into the city – I used to take SuperShuttle but found out cab costs the & it’s door to door, not door to this hotel, that hotel & finally your hotel. Yes, I know I could do public transit but even my emotional baggage is too much for that 🙂

Room not ready at hotel so did some walking around – *bucks for a bit of energy & to sit to catch my breath. Long walk in which I got lost – a great way to see new parts of the city – I knew if I kept in the right general direction I’d get back to the hotel. Room ready. Unpacked. relaxed on bed a bit, changed my shoes & out again. Took in meeting at DuPont Circle club then made my way to Mulebone on 14th street. Didn’t get lost this time.

Great meal at Mulebone – ate too much which is a good thing to do for a body that’s been stressed by travel. Hit a Safeways on the way back to the hotel for my morning foods & late night snacks. Final unpacking & seeing what I forgot this year! Checked my email & also what hot guys might want a private lesson in spoken word 🙂 I’ll sleep well tonight with dreams of hot Safeway clerks dancing in my head.

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