Dressing For The Occasion


My first two days here have been a bit cool for DC but that changed today – thanks to my Ultra Sheer 110 sunscreen I gave brave the rays without looking I’m wearing clown white 🙂 Another good night’s sleep – no haunting footsteps to disrupt the rem. Though perhaps my sleep was too deep for me to hear them.

After my healthy breakfast, some readings I went over the 9:30 ‘Top Of The Morning’ meeting at the Dupont Club. The luck of the visitor finally caught up to me – as the sole out-of-towner I got asked to do the lead. Share for15 minutes & set a topic. Told enough of my story to qualify & then talked about getting lost & trust. Went well enough – let’s face it poetry audiences toughen one up.

Back to the hotel for pit stop & braved the Metro to Union Station. Didn’t get lost, took the right train. Made myself have a decent meal – Thursday was mainly some snacks – so for lunch I orange chicken with rice & mixed veggies. Filling & I’m sure the mixed broccoli & cabbage are good for me. Bought a few souvenirs: hoodie, hankie & hat – & was back to the hotel by 1:15. Time to relax, meditate, check my email & then decided what to wear of the start of Fire Friday night.

One has to strike the right balance between trying to pull focus from the stunning trans, the vibrant host, the funky asexuals & the neo-hippies & disappearing into some sort of Mr. Rogers nice-old-codger garb. At least at Fire I don’t have to worry about scaring the straights 🙂 I’ve settled on red, yellow & gold – not too brash but with enough flat that people will know I’m there. At these events it never pays to out-dress the performers. Though there a few I wouldn’t mind undressing.

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