Capturing Fire 2018

The Fire has settled for another year – bigger & better every year & as long the US President (whomever it is this time next year) doesn’t make even more restrictive travel rules I’ll be back for Capturing Fire 2018. I met some great people, renewed acquaintance with others, was impressed by the energy& dedication of Regie Cabico, Sasha Sinclair, Angelique Palmer (she made a an ankle cast glamorous), heard a slew of talent from the south-west & witnessed the creation of a fire-breathing dragon balloon animal. (Charlie Petch will be posting those pics soon).


The Slam Saturday night was the official end of Fire but the Sunday brunch at Mulebone was the unofficial finale. Good food, coffee, photos were taken (I might show up in at least one them). The temperature soared to nearly 100 F. Not good for me for any length of time. 110 sunscreen plus a cloth held down by my to cover my next & ears helped but the a/c in my hotel was a Godsend.

At the brunch I experience great proof of my unsocial tendencies – I’m unwilling to jump into conversations between people around me – they always seem to intent on each other. A few started conversations quickly became conversations with someone they would rather talk to. Other than being queer & being poets I have little in common with them & trying to find that common ground takes more patience than they are willing to extend.

But this was a day in which I didn’t get lost getting there or getting back to my cool hotel. Cool downed, got my blog done & published, meditated & … get this … took a bath – the hotel has tubs big enough to take a bath in !! sweet. Also connected with another, up till now, online friend. A good communicator is always hot: he let me know when he was leaving, when he parked the car etc. He lived up to my expectations. But he’s a working man so time was limited. Next year for sure. I now have two Fires to look forward to 🙂

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