I Cover The Waterfront

The trip is winding down – seems like there isn’t enough time & then that’s there’s too much time. My Monday day trip took me down to the Georgetown Waterfront Park. the heat was oppressive, the sun was relentless, my 110 sunblock was melting within minutes but did it’s job. Add a cloth sunblock around my neck & ears – no one wants sun burned ears. I’m getting accustomed to the grid lay out & the diagonal exceptions to the grid layout.

M Street between 28-36 is over-priced tourist crap. So over priced there wasn’t even a Starbucks 🙂 Took lots of pictures, explored off the main street pathways. Stopped for lunch at a Mexican spot that gave endless lemonade. I was thirsty enough to enjoy it. Service was fine & the food was filling. My server was of the tall thin banal high school boy type & didn’t add much to the meal.

Made my way back to the hotel via a different route. Stopped to pick up a few breakfast things: bananas & kiwi. Washed off the sunblock as best I could. Checked my email. One of my Capturing Fire pics has gotten more likes than anything I’ve posted this year. Started recharge of camera batteries. Pays to be safe. I do have a backup camera just in case anyway.

Posted another set of Day Tripping photos http://topoet.tumblr.com/post/161745771408 these are more of the Georgetown pics, as are most of the ones with this post. meditated, showered, called home to make sure the house hadn’t burned down. Tomorrow is my last full day here & I have saved a few simple things to do for that. Then I start packing for the return too my sweet little bed. The bed here isn’t sour but it is huge. Too big for me. Hmm.Maybe I’m not queer after all.

Past Washington posts http://wp.me/P1RtxU-1e3

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