It feels good to be back home after my intense week in Washington. I gave myself a full 24 hours to decompress – made no attempt to blog, tumblr or even look at my DC workshop notes. Unpacking laundry then unpacking memories. There’ll be a couple of these unpacking posts.


I loved The Fairfax on Embassy Row. Embassy Row is the name of an area not a street. According to my taxi driver on the way back to the airport The Fairfax was once the Ritz-Carlton. Hmm … it was posh but not luxurious – luxury would include things like bathrobe, bidet or free gym. They did offer free wifi, big towels & lots of them, a workable coffee perk, tea bags, a good sized bar fridge, a working a/c – no microwave. The tub was big & deep enough for me to take a bath. I was able to get maid service not to make my bed – saves them 10 minutes for one thing. None of which I had at last year’s dive.


One feature, that I didn’t get to use, was a mail chute! I can’t recall the last time I saw one of these. I did see the mailman picking up letter from the box at the bottom of the chute. I wished I had postcards to mail just to take a picture of them going down the glass front.

Everything I wanted to do was within walking distance as well. I did take the Metro down to Union Station one day. It’s comfortable enough & does the job but there’s always griping about it too. Just like TO. Beside airport transit I did take a taxi once – to get back to the hotel from Coffy Cafe. It was walkable but I didn’t want to be dragging my ass through those late night streets. I felt safe enough but didn’t want to be target for some angel-headed hipster’s need for a fix.

On my last night there, when it felt like 42C I came a cross IcyCode – an ice cream shop – where they make the ice cream right before your eyes 🙂 the ingredients are mixed on a cold plate – bigger than an extra large pizza – mixed, flavour is chopped in, spread out, re-chopped, re-spread several times then let set for a few second & scraped into several rolls, put into a little tub for the final touches. IcyCode. I had no idea this is what i was in for when I ordered – so I was super pleased. That’s my Sugar Daddy with its white cotton candy topping. Almost a spiritual awakening.

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