Gluten Free Atrocity

Gluten Free Atrocity

I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen

I followed every moment

from the very first cellphone video

the FB feed was mesmerizing

the tweets head spinning

the pundits were informative

I couldn’t get enough

the close up of the bleeding

were heart rending

I was washed by this flood

of compassion

dismay dispair

that this had happened

innocent people

men women children

killed maimed

forced to leave their homes

clubs churches

no safe place

shown no mercy

by their attackers or the press

I had to watch

flipping channels

media devices

to get the latest feed

the freshest atrocity

to feed my growing sense of outrage

drowning in powerless


oh look

Burger King now has gluten free buns


My take on Law 37 reflects my fascination for media, as opposed to content. I am not caught up in following news to the extent that the ‘I’ of this piece is but I know people who are, who can’t wait for the latest development & have become addicted to negative, tragic news – catastraporn. I’d rather sleep at night than have to check newsfeed. One friend has their TV set to wake them with CNN. So much for serenity.

Cell phones have changed reporting – we can get actual footage by victims as things are happening. Immediate & stunning but to what end? The event happens regardless of the coverage. The technology takes over – I started to watch a series about real life people but it was being shot on cell phones combined with some other hand held device & frankly I was bored within minutes. Crazy angles and constant flash cuts conveyed confusion not information or personality.

I also find the news media intrusive & manipulative. It’s one thing for a bystander to capture images, say of an out of control fire, but when victims have devices thrust as them by reporters while they are being rescued I change the channel. Your friends have been shot the last thing you want is some reporter asking ‘how do you feel’ – some reporter who is getting paid for being there while the victim may not even have the money to pay their medical bills when the dust settles.


I also mention ‘pundits’ – one of the last news stories I watched anything about was the flight that vanished a few years ago – the aviation experts were so uninformative all one got was speculation, the same speculations over and over – how much do these pundits get paid to satisfy the public need for commentary that tells us nothing?


I end on a cynical note – because every TV show has to break for commercials. The tragic events are brought down to reality by the mundane sensationalization of our daily lives. The final title came to me as I was posing this on June 21. There’s nothing like seeing the crowd of people plowed through by a suicide driver then cut to Marineland Niagara crowds lined up for a water slide. I guess violence has to struggle to get the attention it deserves.


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