Glistening Shaft

On a recent Disability After Dark podcast Andrew Gurza talks about, of all things, his ‘little friend’, or rather of how he dislikes his genitals given any sort of euphemism. Having seen pics it’s more a ‘big guy’ anyway 🙂  His dislike comes from care workers trying to deal with their own embarrassment around cock care. The playful names are a way to make light of, as well distance themselves from, what they are handling. In order to be professional that have to watch their language. At least they aren’t calling it a pee pee.

One of things I dealt in my own writing was to get over using poetic language to talk about cock. I was fed up with erotica full of glistening (or any other adjective) shafts, thrusting pillars of pleasure, sword of destiny. Even writers who would give vivid descriptions of bullet wounds, how the knife ravaged flesh or details of guns would write a sex scene in which ‘he entered her.’


We live in a culture in which some things are so private they have become unspeakable – body functions in particular – that’s why bathrooms have stalls, why men in public washrooms usually hug the urinal. Pissing & shitting are so distasteful the organs needed to those functions are shameful & dirty. Not that I’d espouse no doors on washroom stalls – I’m on the pee shy side myself & would always rather an empty public washroom or at least a stall with a working door. Some of my shy comes from paranoia – are you looking at me – when all I was looking for was a free stall – even if I was looking it was to make sure there was room to get past without brushing you accidentally.

In one of my novels I created a sexually active woman & a part of my research was to talk with women I knew as to what they called their vaginas – did they think of them as pussy, honey pot – etc. Some had never been asked. One had ended a promising relationship because she didn’t like the what her partner was calling her vagina & she was shy about saying so.   Asking the question felt a bit odd but I got over that easily enough. I had to ask because no man I’ve ever met thinks of his cock as a glistening shaft and if some guy called my erection that I’d laugh as I pulled on my pants. Ditto for Ass Pussy:

Preach Baby Preach

you know

if more people practiced safe sex

we wouldn’t need

all these precautions

it’s the fault of all them damn

fuck happy sluts

spreading disease

making babies no one can afford

wrecking lives

not caring as they go around

merrily fucking

away without a care in the world

with out a worry

for the medical system

for hospitals

that can’t afford a glass of water

unless someone’s insurance covers it

and my taxes go up

every time some horny idiot decides

to fuck without protection

for their momentary pleasure

if you can’t keep it up

because of some barrier

you don’t deserve to fuck

you hear what I’m saying

unless you’re in the right financial bracket

you shouldn’t be fucking at all

taking risks

bringing babies into a world

where you expected others to care for them

to support you

while you stay off work

to bring them up

so use the brain between your shoulders

not the one between your legs

make some sensible choices

that won’t cost me anything

get that baby carriage out of my way

stop blocking the sidewalks

the grocery aisles with it

if you’d used protection

I could go shopping without

having to shove you

and your screaming brats out of the way

my children are well behaved

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