#Tumblr #Trekking #July

To makes the lazy days of summer move faster I’m posting a set of photos on Tumblr every day. My Tumblr rarely repeats photos that I use on WordPress. I take so many pics the backlog gets bigger every week. This is a good way to share some of the mounting mountain. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/topoet 

To make it a little easier for me I’ve organized the days according to a specific subject & for the most part stick to it – some are my standbys & others new threads that I noticed.

Monday: will be chairs, sofas. Tuesday: as Tuesdays have always been, will be garages & laneways; Wednesday: cast off clothing; Thursday: shoes; Friday: will be random items or pairs of items – one of a kinds that I haven’t come across since that first shot. Saturday seemed the right day for books; Sunday: Rubble.

Because I’m a poet many of these pictures are allegories not merely nicely or poorly lit objects in which the technology of the camera is the subject. Some are ironic juxtapositions: a pair of jeans under a car’s wheels; a single shoe in a field. I love the laneways because the street view of Toronto is very urban, polished but entering a laneway & one is often in small town Canada – decaying garages, paint peeling doors – what hides behind the facade.


Usually I post collections – all shoes, all paintings but over the past few years there have many single object, scenes, that I’ve never come across another to even start a set so Friday will force connections between these very random photos.



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